Christmas Is Over

on 12.26.2012

Christmas is over, and it's time to get back to the normal day to day shit we do. We had just about every member of both our families at our house yesterday and I can say that while I do love them all, I am glad they are gone. While they are fun to be around, and they sure can drink a lot, it was a very long few hours. It was like everywhere you looked there was just a family member all up in our shit. Finally I herded them all outside, gave them some leftovers and sent them on their way. You have any nightmare Christmas stories to share? --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
dog shit on the floor, kid knocked over the christmas tree. friends pregnant grand daughter went into labor and that was all before noon!!plus i forgot to buy fucking batterys and 90% of the shit my kid got runs on fucking batterys!!! fuck my life!!
posted on: 12-26-12 @ 1:15 PM

Think about the other 364 days you’ll miss them not pissing you off. Haaahaaha™
posted on: 12-26-12 @ 1:24 PM

Now that my mother-in-law has died, and gone to wherever she went, Christmas doesn’t seem so bad anymore.
posted on: 12-26-12 @ 1:33 PM

Who the, what the.....! I take it you didn’t like your mother-in-law too much.
posted on: 12-26-12 @ 1:40 PM

We avoided anyone related to us. it was great!
posted on: 12-26-12 @ 2:19 PM

@ crazyvet you give me x-mas hope.lol
posted on: 12-26-12 @ 2:21 PM

BAH-HUMBUG! Fuck Chri- wait it’s over? Well la dee fucking da, no more Christmas themed porn either?! I should get the Medal of Honor for surviving this atrocity, I think I developed PTSD as well.
posted on: 12-26-12 @ 3:43 PM

^ got my vote BT. .
posted on: 12-26-12 @ 6:24 PM

All of these christmas carols got me thinking. Crazyshit should have its own theme song. Maybe users could submit? Or you could hire John Williams, its all the same. Da-da-de-de, la-de-da-crazy, fuck-you-bitches-yeah, growly-growly-bear
posted on: 12-26-12 @ 6:30 PM

for christmas i got AIDS.
posted on: 12-27-12 @ 4:58 AM