Moving Day

on 12.28.2012

I've been moving shit all week to my new place, but today is the big day. All the furniture is getting carried down from the third floor, driven across town, and carried back up to the second floor. Henry is coming over with his monster truck to help out, and afterward we'll be eating delicious steak sandwiches made with plantains instead of bread. That will most definitely be the best part of the day. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Tube steak Sammiches huh, FAGS!
posted on: 12-28-12 @ 9:28 AM

Hear, hear, I’ve been eating steak sandwiches for the last two days, but after reading your blog I’m now going to make it three days, 12:54am Saturday morning here, I can drive the six kilometres round trip to McDonald’s for a quarter pounder or defrost some rump steak and burn the house down when I fall asleep and forget it’s cooking, in fact I’ll just make a cup of tea and wait for the sun to come up, maybe I can play with my own meat instead. I hate moving, I always leave shit behind and only remember it after the new tenants have moved in, my advise is don’t forget the bag of weed you keep hidden in the roof, been there done that.
posted on: 12-28-12 @ 9:49 AM

posted on: 12-28-12 @ 10:02 AM

Moving to higher ground? Good idea in Florida.
posted on: 12-28-12 @ 11:27 AM

The best move for you would be anywhere but Florida.
posted on: 12-28-12 @ 1:08 PM

Make sure you have a housewarming party. Get a vid of henry doing something stupid in his truck, like rolling it with all your stuff loaded in the back, now that would be some crazy shit!
posted on: 12-28-12 @ 2:37 PM

Then GTFO!
posted on: 12-28-12 @ 3:34 PM

so jay started to pay you enough to live by the golf course like he does?
posted on: 12-28-12 @ 7:56 PM

Wait a second! I am a little confused. How do you replace bread with plantains? That’s kind of like saying "Instead of driving my car to town I’m going to take a screwdriver."! So.....?
posted on: 12-29-12 @ 12:41 PM