on 12.30.2012

Man, I seriously slept like I was fucking dead! After 14 hours of sleep I am super fucking refreshed! So how'd Christmas treat you fuckers? Did you get all the presents you hoped for? Did you get that new Radio-Flyer you were hoping for? Y'all got anything good planned for new-years eve? I'll be working so that's the extent of my plans. But, after 30-something new-years eves, I really don't give a fuck. It's just another day. Let's get some user-submitted boobs sent in with some new-years wishes. Cause ya know, we looooooove them titties here at Crazyshit! Send em here! Also, let's get some user-submitted WICS intros in the works. The one from killkenny was a hit! Who can match or top it? Send it here! Have a good week y'all! Keep it crazy! --Henry M.

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
legalize incest for 2013.
posted on: 12-30-12 @ 1:56 PM

Refreshed my arse, I bet you’ve been eating pussy all day long, smoking weed and playing poker, now you’re all fucked up and shit, but you can’t let Jay know the truth, so we’ll keep it our secret.
posted on: 12-30-12 @ 2:19 PM

14hrs! That’s about 4 days worth for me I sleep for shit (Guilt). Saying that, I don’t need the beauty sleep.
posted on: 12-30-12 @ 2:34 PM

I got a rock...
posted on: 12-30-12 @ 3:31 PM

Wait a freaking minute!! "Stink" are you telling me it’s NOT legal already?? Mooooooom!!
posted on: 12-30-12 @ 4:51 PM

stop posting dicks, YOU DICK!!!!!
posted on: 12-30-12 @ 5:04 PM

My New Years resolution is 1080 X 420. Yeah, I kinda fuzzy.
posted on: 12-30-12 @ 6:10 PM

i have no resolution ! i dont regret shit and im not gonna change shit! fuck the world and everybody in it......except liv tyler and bea arthur.
posted on: 12-30-12 @ 6:51 PM

fuckin yippy.....what the fuck is so good about it? i left a 25 year marrage because my wife was going through menopause only to get with a woman that is starting menopause......fuckin bullshit.....karma bit my fuckin ass good !!!! now i can see why there are so many queers in the world but i cant grasp the idea of another dudes balls banging againts mine!!( no offence adam) so i guess i will take my beating like a man!!!!
posted on: 12-31-12 @ 9:08 AM