Happy New Year

on 01.01.2013

I've been working on trying something new for the New Year. What you see below is the top 50 pictures and videos from 2012. I did not include the porn videos because they were dominating the top 50. I guess you all like your porn! Well, I hope you enjoy these posts the second time as I did. Had some good laughs, and it is pretty funny that the first one got the most views! --Jay

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
happy new year Jay.......the rest of you can go fuck your pets (like me).
posted on: 01-01-13 @ 1:37 PM

Could have done without looking through most of those again. Bunch of sick fuckers around here.
posted on: 01-01-13 @ 2:50 PM

Greatest Re- post EVER!
posted on: 01-01-13 @ 3:35 PM

Cory H.
Good job, and Happy New Year to you too Jay.
posted on: 01-01-13 @ 4:21 PM

Resolution- To not suffer fools! Hey invisus, if you could have "done without looking through most of those again" I imagine you were free to stop at anytime! Why do people do such things?*****Jay, is it possible to do something like this for the entire CS run? My intro to CS was the "Nick Berg" video. Damn that was a long time ago! Yea, Happy New Year to the cool kids running around here! Peace!
posted on: 01-01-13 @ 4:35 PM

look at all the cock pics you "straight" guys obsessed over. I’m supposed to be the gay one, you fags!
posted on: 01-01-13 @ 4:43 PM

Have you guy’s heard from Adam? Is he up and at em’ yet?
posted on: 01-01-13 @ 4:44 PM

Happy New Year!
posted on: 01-01-13 @ 5:07 PM

"Go fuck yourself!"
posted on: 01-01-13 @ 5:14 PM

Wait a sec Jay! I thought you DID NOT include porn. Was it just official porn you omitted? Damn this place is full of a bunch of sick ass, demented, perverted, horndoged, pieces of Japanese excrement! I thought it was just me!
posted on: 01-01-13 @ 5:50 PM

Wisconsinjed, I just can’t help myself. I am a fucking perv too. Fap fap.
posted on: 01-01-13 @ 8:33 PM

121045 views, 121044 of those were wisconsinjed’s, definitely time to find him a new movie.
posted on: 01-02-13 @ 8:47 AM

fuck resolutions, i aint changing shit!! i love my fucked up life and i wont lie my ass off on newyears to myself or anyone else about what im gonna change ! then a week later be right back the way things were last year! so fuck resolutions! i like being the asshole perverted fuck up that i am!!
posted on: 01-02-13 @ 12:13 PM