How Was New Year's?

on 01.02.2013

Did you assholes have a good New Year's celebration? Did you get hammered fucking drunk and piss yourself? I had a few beers at a house party, but nothing crazy. In my old age, I've realized I'd rather not drink til I start breaking shit and can no longer form coherent sentences. Also, I don't like to be too drunk to fuck. Especially on my birthday. Thanks for all the birthday wishes, fuckers. You make me feel so damn special, I want to fucking cry. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
happy new year gaydam may god bless you with cocks
posted on: 01-02-13 @ 2:34 PM

posted on: 01-02-13 @ 2:37 PM

I woke up in a goat ???
posted on: 01-02-13 @ 2:46 PM

Happy New Year Adam, you aint to old yet. I like that slogan though as an anti-alcohol campain "Don't be too drunk to Fuck. Bitches don't like that"
posted on: 01-02-13 @ 4:18 PM

cry? what the fuck dude are you getting ready to go on the rag or what? knock off the faggetty talk and people wont ask how many dicks you goot for your birthday.
posted on: 01-02-13 @ 4:31 PM

13 our lucky year!
posted on: 01-02-13 @ 8:18 PM

Adam I remember when I started thinking about my actions when I was drunk. It was like a line drawn from not giving a damn to why the hell did I do that. Stumbling while standing or walking and fumbling while talking started to be a little bit embarrassing as I got a little older. I partake of a occasional tasty beverage but I haven’t been wasted in a few years. AND I like it that way! Peace all!
posted on: 01-03-13 @ 11:42 AM