Racers Busting Their Shit

on 01.14.2013

This weekend I shot video at an obstacle race, and had the opportunity to see a lot of people bust their shit pretty hard. Most of the injuries occurred on a wall about 20 feet high with a 60 degree incline, that people would climb up with ropes. By then they were all tired and wet, and were slipping off that mother fucker left and right. I seen a few good faceplants, and a couple broken ankles and fucked up knees too. But since the footage doesn't belong to me, I can't post it. Awwww. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
fuck you and your footage...a local mom who doesn't even know me wants my cock
posted on: 01-14-13 @ 12:48 PM

^ She’s also 435 pounds.
posted on: 01-14-13 @ 1:32 PM

^^oh sorry I didn't knew it was your mom
posted on: 01-14-13 @ 2:21 PM

Normally I like your and henry's intros but this is just plain teasing. "I shot an awsome video with obstacles, injuries, mud, steep hills and sliding but nooooooooooo you cant see it!!!" Well FUCK YOU very much sir, fuck you. Dont forget to give henry a hug either cause he had a rough weekend.
posted on: 01-14-13 @ 3:13 PM

Never stopped cs yet...
posted on: 01-14-13 @ 3:45 PM

ok what the fuck adam? why the hell domnt you and jay and henry carry fucking cams with you everywhere you go? i mean shit its not like you have a great fucking place to post them online or anything!!
posted on: 01-14-13 @ 5:07 PM