Anyone From Idaho?

on 01.15.2013

My little family is thinking about making the trip out to North Idaho to check it out in the next few months. Maybe spend some time out there to do some snowboarding, fuck with Canadian Mounties and well...get away from South Florida. Anyone from up there, or still there? Want to recommend some things to do while we are there? I understand it is kinda BFE, but that's what I'm into right now. Just getting away. Let me know your thoughts. --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
iiicitadel. com/
posted on: 01-15-13 @ 2:15 PM

there is a lake called core da lean its huge. i can’t spell it right but thats how you pronounce it. its the biggest resort lake in idaho. also go check out the colubian river gorge ! fucking awesome sight to see, its refered to as the grand canyon of the north.
posted on: 01-15-13 @ 2:21 PM

I ripped my pants.
posted on: 01-15-13 @ 2:28 PM

ralph wigham is idaho
posted on: 01-15-13 @ 2:51 PM

Just watch out for the white men in lab coats their really aliens they probed me but it made me super smart cant stop running chased by spaceship mexico only chance text president secrets too late abducted probed again interspecies sex now abandoned dead
posted on: 01-15-13 @ 2:56 PM

i lived in idaho for a number of years, besides skiing and snowboarding, going to the lakes and rivers, and hiking thru the mountains there isnt much to do. it is beautiful up there i would suggest to go during a warmer season it gets very cold. id say while your up there you should drive over to the coast of washington and oregon, that is so amazing to see. safe and happy travels post pics i havnt seen the mountains there in years!
posted on: 01-15-13 @ 7:43 PM

I hear you can buy potatos cheap there.
posted on: 01-15-13 @ 8:42 PM

Watch the movie "Moving"
posted on: 01-15-13 @ 10:00 PM

Napoleon Dynamite’s grandma went to the dunes. Maybe you can go to the dunes too and break your coccyx.
posted on: 01-15-13 @ 10:44 PM

Lmao that's I what I thought of too when I read Idaho....Napoleon dynamite.
posted on: 01-16-13 @ 12:26 AM

There is some fun stuff to do up here, coeur d’alene is a nice area and if you are into doing outdoor shit you will like it. Also there are some good breweries in the area that you should check out. Other than that, stay away from people from Montana....they like sheep
posted on: 01-16-13 @ 12:59 AM

Jay,if ya come out this way drop me a line I’ll put ya up,save some money on motels you’d have your own room and bathroom.I’d wait til june though it gets cold as a bitch.
posted on: 01-16-13 @ 1:18 AM

Wolf and Mountain Lion hunting. With dogs and a fucking knife. Bitch.
posted on: 01-16-13 @ 1:25 AM