Ready For Bed

on 01.17.2013

After a few hours of sleep last night, and working since early morning again today, I think I'll be able to get a regular night's worth of sleep tonight. I am fucking stoked about that. I've been living off of 5 Hour Energy drinks, coffee, and ice cream all week, and I've had about enough of that shit. Just a few more hours to go. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Treat yourself to a nice big steak and some roast vegies, drink 2 bottles of water and then sleep for 24hrs straight. (masturbation also recommended).
posted on: 01-17-13 @ 4:55 PM

if ya have trouble staying awake put you dick on a table and have jay or henry threaten it with the ban hammer a few times! that will wake any man up!
posted on: 01-17-13 @ 5:32 PM

Love this shit
posted on: 01-18-13 @ 2:37 AM

Good advice the_aristocrat, and I also add garlic, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots all lightly steamed using a microwave and covered in honey, dill spice and cracked pepper, served with a lean steak and mushroom sauce. Or you could just keep drinking poisonous energy drinks and eating cold fat known as ice-cream. My family never eat mayonnaise or eggs, apart from the eggs in baked goods etc, we replaced mayo with Paul Newman sauces, we don’t get pimples and are healthy as fuck, and olive oil is no better, only use a dash prior to cooking, don’t pour that shit on you salads, that’s so wrong, its equivalent to eating about a thousand olives, as if you would do that and live, oil and cholesterol are killing you all, this is why you all look so puffed up and pimple ridden these days, post war children were the healthiest ever to exist on earth, but then the sixties came, it’s not fat that is the problem, it is oil in our bodies, we can’t digest the stuff, eat freshly cooked vegetable and meat, drink real fruit juice which has been diluted with water, stay away from all dairy products since they are made from cows milk and cows milk is for calves not humans, you will live longer, I am 23298 years old, I’ve lived on six different planets but this one is the strangest yet, and Adam is the strangest human of all those humans, Jay comes close after.
posted on: 01-18-13 @ 3:18 AM

^ I used to fuck your mother when she lived just outside of Andromeda.
posted on: 01-18-13 @ 4:38 AM

^Daddy, is that YOU?
posted on: 01-18-13 @ 9:03 AM

^^^^ wankers don`t have a daddy.
posted on: 01-18-13 @ 10:26 AM

damn kenny she must be one serious whore. she gave me an awesome blow job at a bar on the outer quadrant moon of seti alpha 6.
posted on: 01-18-13 @ 10:54 AM

man up adam and stop eating so much ice cream and stayin up to watch life time
posted on: 01-18-13 @ 12:18 PM

is this real life ?
posted on: 01-18-13 @ 5:19 PM

^^why do you insist on telling lies about fucking my mother, you do realise she’s Jabba’s Sister don’t you?
posted on: 01-19-13 @ 4:40 AM

^I know that cat, you must be one of the fabulous furry freak brother’s, WOW! and to think any of you are actually still alive?
posted on: 01-19-13 @ 5:49 AM