It's A Holiday

on 01.21.2013

So apparently it's a holiday today. I had no idea until I went to the bank and they were closed. Does that make me a bad African-American? In any case, Happy Martin Luther King Day, everyone. I know you're probably celebrating all day and reflecting on all that MLK has done to touch your life. Be safe and whatever you do, don't go driving down Martin Luther King Street. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Happy Marchin’ Lootin’ Coon Day everyone!!!!
posted on: 01-21-13 @ 2:23 PM

Same shit here. Banks closed, no mail and people off work.
posted on: 01-21-13 @ 2:29 PM

celebrating with my purchase of a Smith & Wesson 1911 today
posted on: 01-21-13 @ 3:50 PM

got the old 700 remington all shined up and scope dialed in, just incase some other martin luther coon decides to walk all around the country side dreaming again!
posted on: 01-21-13 @ 3:57 PM

you know what gets my goat?(besides 2indastink) MLK gets a big ass fucking memorial at the lawn in washington D.C. but john f kennedy didnt get shit!! king was just a normal fucking big mouth with a fake license that says he was a dr and a reverend. and just to apease the black people because the government thinks the people feel guilty for putting blacks into slavery they make a huge fucking memorial for the guy!! the lawn should be reserved for great government people and war heroes not private citizens that can’t even call themselves americans without reminding us where they came from!! i hate to tell all you spooks this but your not african american your fucking americans!!! i have a real friend thats african american, she is white and was born in africa to american parents on missionary safari to to feed your lazy ass cousins back in africa!!! so fuck MLK and all you blacks that think you are african american. your either american or african but your not both! if you think you are go the fuck back to africa and see how much respect you get. real africans hate american blacks!! they think they are disgrace to their people for not returning to africa after slavery wa abolished. rant done. start negging my ass now.
posted on: 01-21-13 @ 4:00 PM

posted on: 01-21-13 @ 4:01 PM

I'll watch the lakers lose for this holiday.
posted on: 01-21-13 @ 4:14 PM

If Jay wont give you the day off he could at least force you to rub shoe polish onto your face and dance around in a tutu. Selfish bastard.
posted on: 01-21-13 @ 4:41 PM

posted on: 01-21-13 @ 5:03 PM

Well shit.....and here I thought it was James Earl Ray day.
posted on: 01-21-13 @ 6:54 PM

Just another fucking Monday. What did you say was special about today?
posted on: 01-21-13 @ 7:35 PM

well said rockinron citizens are americans and if he gets regognition like that then so should a lot of others
posted on: 01-21-13 @ 7:39 PM

This is no shit,that fucking nigger cost me $15,000 on a deal today because the fucking bank was closed and no it wasn’t a drug deal. It would of been an honest deal by a true American.Fuck that fucking nigger,give me a gun and I’ll kill him twice.
posted on: 01-22-13 @ 12:37 AM

A belated happy James Earl Ray day.
posted on: 01-22-13 @ 7:17 PM