Funniest Member

on 01.24.2013

Who's your favorite member? Jay, Henry and I were talking at lunch, and we all agreed that frankdrebin has to be the most comedic fucker here. Some people have a really funny comment here and there, but Lt. Drebin brings it consistently. And not only are his comments good, but he leaves the best voicemails too. I'm declaring him Funniest Crazyshit Member. Who would you vote for? Not that it really matters because this is a dictatorship, not a democracy, bitches. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Drebin`s not gonna comment on this, he`s busy fapping
posted on: 01-24-13 @ 1:03 PM

frankdrebin, without a doubt. massiveballs was good too, but I ain’t seen him around in a while.
posted on: 01-24-13 @ 1:04 PM

drebins funny as fuck but he has’nt been around as long as stink and stink has been consistantly funny for 7 years now. and your right its not a democracy, ya buncha of fucking florida NAZI’S!!! be careful napoleon or oneday you will have your waterloo
posted on: 01-24-13 @ 1:16 PM

Easily frankdrebin, he consistently makes me laugh out loud.
posted on: 01-24-13 @ 1:20 PM

We were suppose to be funny??????
posted on: 01-24-13 @ 1:46 PM

I'am the funniest cunt by miles....then it's drebin and then it's massiveballs and then it's nobody.... Up your game cunt fuckers x x
posted on: 01-24-13 @ 1:48 PM

frank then 2indastink!
posted on: 01-24-13 @ 1:49 PM

Cheers cunt pistolero..... I'll let you have a go on my girlfriend/goat.
posted on: 01-24-13 @ 1:53 PM

lightfighter. Sup haters?
posted on: 01-24-13 @ 2:01 PM

lenny, rockingron, 2indastink
posted on: 01-24-13 @ 2:17 PM

Who the fuck is lenny?
posted on: 01-24-13 @ 2:20 PM

I just want to see jay’s boner
posted on: 01-24-13 @ 2:36 PM

how to make my photo reducilously small to meet your avatar photo size standards.
posted on: 01-24-13 @ 2:53 PM

Holy shit, I’m late today for my own parade - thank you guys! May this be the first and last serious comment I post on this site --> I come here because this site has A LOT of funny fuckers (you know who you are). Keep making me laugh and I’ll keep doing my best
posted on: 01-24-13 @ 3:06 PM

I’d vote for Mr. Drebin. However, I do think Lightfighter deserves honorable mention for his unfailingly misogynistic, excoriating, and latently homosexual reviews of user boobs, which are hilarious in their own special way. This place wouldn’t be the same without him.
posted on: 01-24-13 @ 3:23 PM

Killkenny was good but haven’t seen him in a while
posted on: 01-24-13 @ 3:46 PM

I really think franks real name may be Steven Lynch cause he must be a professional comedian.
posted on: 01-24-13 @ 3:55 PM

if by funny you mean gay. Then lightfighter and biggertalk hands down.
posted on: 01-24-13 @ 5:28 PM

Killkenny and that chubby chick that used to show us her tits every once in a while. Windy something...
posted on: 01-24-13 @ 6:56 PM

Iiiiiiiiiiiiits the frankdrebin show .. Start your own website you funny cunt you . Lol
posted on: 01-24-13 @ 7:11 PM

Yeah .. Where the hell is massiveballs .. He was the funniest , hope he returns
posted on: 01-24-13 @ 7:14 PM

Ole frank is a funny son of a bitch. He’s been the most consistent by far. Thanks assmasterson and biggertalk, frank has me beat by a mile though.
posted on: 01-24-13 @ 8:15 PM

It's Frank then 2inda easily. Great dick jokes and comments by Frank and all the goat molesting info you could ever need from 2indastink.
posted on: 01-24-13 @ 8:57 PM

I agree. Keep up the good work frankd! 2inda always good but honerable mention to biggertalk for those rare occasions when he scores a good one.
posted on: 01-24-13 @ 10:09 PM

hes a funny fucker but i do see a logt of funny and entertaining comments as well
posted on: 01-24-13 @ 11:31 PM

What a total dick suckfest in here!
posted on: 01-25-13 @ 1:58 AM

i need clarify...funny in the "ha ha" way or funny in the "oh ram ur cock in my loose butthole while i shove a pair of scissors down my dick hole and suck on two animal penis dildos while watching two bears fight to the death" way???
posted on: 01-25-13 @ 5:18 PM

Fuck frankdebrin, I say ban him for being too funny and getting too many comments of the week
posted on: 01-26-13 @ 12:53 PM