Superbowl Weekend!

on 02.02.2013

So what's the happenings for the Superbowl weekend fuckers? Me? I'll be working, but not before I head to Jay's for some of his bad-ass chili! That boy can cook him some! He didn't build that physique starving himself....that's fo'sho. Anyhow, what y'all doing for the Superbowl? Any traditions? I'll continue my tradition of not-giving-a-fuck and that's about it. So, enjoy your Saturday fuckers....Till tomorrow....Love always, --Henry M.

Henry M., henrym@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
i’m dropping the browns off at the superbowl as we speak. ::flush::
posted on: 02-02-13 @ 8:59 AM

Pro football sucks. Or not whatever!
posted on: 02-02-13 @ 10:39 AM

A fags game played by men in Armour because it hurts when they bang each other. Sorry I mean bang INTO each other Fuckin’ faggots. Try a REAL tough sport like rugby.
posted on: 02-02-13 @ 12:31 PM

shut the fuck up henry. you know your tradition is getting into a train with jay and adam and butt fuckin each other.
posted on: 02-02-13 @ 1:22 PM

Don’t even get me fucking started on gridiron, it can go straight to hell.
posted on: 02-02-13 @ 2:48 PM

fuck all your pansy ass fucking soccer lovers!! csoccer players are 6ft tall 180lbs fucking pansys that couldnt take a hit from a cigarette!! real men play a sport where your oponent wieghs 400 lbs 6ft 5 inches tall and runs the 100yard dash in full gear in 12 seconds!! they need the pads or they would fucking kill each other out there!! in soccer they are such pansys they break their damn legs just falling down!! go get hit by a truck and tell me how it felt. now do that every 30 seconds for the next 3 hours and tell me again how weak football is. then fuck off!
posted on: 02-03-13 @ 12:34 PM