Jay's Chilli

on 02.04.2013

I ate a bunch of Jay's homemade chilli last night, and I'm paying for it today. It smelled much better when I was eating it. It went down smooth, but it's coming out a bit explosive. I know Jay's in the same boat too. I've been careful to dab as much as I can, cause if this keeps up all day, I don't want to wipe my asshole raw. The fucked up part is, I wouldn't hesitate to eat a bowl right now if there was one in front of me. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Did henry burned off his dick too if you know what I mean?
posted on: 02-04-13 @ 1:48 PM

So, you went to a party at your bosses house, and now you have a sore ass? Blame the chilli if it makes you feel better.
posted on: 02-04-13 @ 1:52 PM

He has a secret ingredient.
posted on: 02-04-13 @ 2:07 PM

Jay, are you hiding the babywipes as a joke, or because Adam works harder with a raw asshole?
posted on: 02-04-13 @ 2:20 PM

if we dont see a video of adam lighting a fart up in the updates tuesday then this is all just bullshit!! you have been challenged adam!
posted on: 02-04-13 @ 3:58 PM

Sure..chilly... that’s why your ass is on fire.
posted on: 02-04-13 @ 9:05 PM