Paying For Stupid!

on 02.09.2013

I read Adam's blog the other day about the road-raging cunt and loved it. Now, with that said. I went and had some coffee, today, at the local bakery and witnessed some shit that got me thinking. Paying for stupid! I watched this mid-sized car pull a u-turn in traffic and almost get nailed by this other mid-sized car. However, the almost t-boner slowed so he wouldn't hit the douche doing the u-turn, at such an inopportune moment. Me? I'm not really sure what I would've done. I'll tell you this much though, it wouldn't've broke my heart to t-bone a fucker like that with a truck that weighs around 3 tons. Thoughts? Experiences? Love ya turds! --Henry M.

Henry M., henrym@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
posted on: 02-09-13 @ 8:54 AM

^ Fuck off and die!
posted on: 02-09-13 @ 1:12 PM

It depends. If you really love your car you slow down. If you have crappy insurance you slow down. If you have medical issues you slow down. If you have family or friends in the car you slow down. If there are kids in the other car you slow down. But if you a driving a peice of shit car you hate, it is over insured, your by yourself, you are fit and healthy and you just dont give a fuck then you ram that stooge as hard as 2 inda rams the ass of his goat.
posted on: 02-09-13 @ 2:55 PM

(first off, immediate - < ( thats a minus by he way ) for any one posting the word " FIRST ", oh . . bollocks. .
posted on: 02-09-13 @ 7:01 PM