Yay! Saturday!

on 02.16.2013

So what's going on? What's the good happenings for the weekend? I ain't got shit but work, work and more work. Hell, someone's gotta pay for all these welfare recipients! I mean where would America be if it weren't for lifetime welfare recipients we have here? I shudder to even think of what a great country we'd have it we let them fend for themselves. If you're a leech, get your shit together! Love always, --Henry M.

Henry M., henrym@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
But Henry, black history month is when all the new leaches get to sign up.
posted on: 02-16-13 @ 1:53 PM

Nobody rants about St. Patrick’s day but they do about Black History Month, faggots.
posted on: 02-16-13 @ 2:15 PM

anyone got any welfare cheese? that shit is the bomb!!
posted on: 02-16-13 @ 3:01 PM

sure, welfare recipients are America`s only problem...pffffff
posted on: 02-16-13 @ 3:08 PM

^^ I know right? I meal look at all the politicians getting free handouts and free insurance!!!
posted on: 02-16-13 @ 4:32 PM

We’re going down like Rome. I pray for civil war.
posted on: 02-16-13 @ 5:05 PM

A working man can hold his head high. Shit he's to tired to do anything else. I don't know what a non worker does because i've never been one. Using my body to acheive sustenance has always been the way of the world and will continue to be so, and if you got a problem with this then I guess your lazy contemptous soul can go eat a dick.
posted on: 02-17-13 @ 2:58 AM

and then theres guys like henry, who do such a bad job, that one wonders how he keeps it. I sent a contribution at 1pm on 2/16 & got a response that the mailbox was full. I send in pics of beautiful girls & he posts reposts & dicks instead! keep up the great work lol
posted on: 02-17-13 @ 9:10 AM