Poop Water

on 02.19.2013

You ever drop a mean ass shit, only to flush the toilet and some water hits your body. Is that poop water? Is it fresh water that just hit the side and splashed out? Is it fresh water that hit a turn and splashed out? I'm really unsure what to do when the poop water hits me. Do I just take a shower? Do I ignore it? Do I wipe it with my finger and taste it? I'm not sure, but it kind of freaks me out a bit. I don't want poop water cologne for the rest of the day, but most times I just ignore it and hope for the best. --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Nahhh but sometimes it splashes on the back of my nutsack when I drop a deuce. I flush it when I stand up and close the lid brah. But you seem so enamored with the subject of poop, brah, but you don’t look Asian me. A distant relative perhaps?
posted on: 02-19-13 @ 2:07 PM

bottle it and ship it to asia
posted on: 02-19-13 @ 2:09 PM

Just have Adam come in and lick your ass, he knows what you ass taste like without poop water.
posted on: 02-19-13 @ 2:12 PM

Gotta watch out for that splashback.
posted on: 02-19-13 @ 2:23 PM

Cory H.
Poor mans Bidet.
posted on: 02-19-13 @ 2:34 PM

maybe get a toilet that`s not from the 70`s
posted on: 02-19-13 @ 2:35 PM

It always happens after i shower too damnit
posted on: 02-19-13 @ 3:32 PM

get off the damn thing and close the lid before you flush dumb ass
posted on: 02-19-13 @ 3:52 PM

Note to Adam and Henry: Next time you pass by Jay mutter under your breath, "Boy he smells like shit."...
posted on: 02-19-13 @ 5:00 PM

i kinda like the ocka canon ball splash! its cool and refreshing and cuts down on cling on’s.
posted on: 02-19-13 @ 7:16 PM

I hate it when I've crapped something so huge my ass doesn't shut right away. That's inevitably the time when poop water splashes up in there. EVERY FUCKING TIME!
posted on: 02-19-13 @ 11:19 PM

gosh, you are as sick as Adam !
posted on: 02-20-13 @ 12:33 AM