Hoes And Housewives

on 02.21.2013

Can you make a hoe housewife? Is it possible? Not according to the Dogg Pound Gangstas, but I assume it's happened before. She might not be the best housewife, but I'm willing to bet with the right strategy you could turn a whore into a good homemaker. But you never know when those hoe instincts might come back and ruin all that you've worked so hard for. Then you would have to go back to the drawing board, find another hoe and try again. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
If she looks like the queen of side boobs then I will make it work.
posted on: 02-21-13 @ 3:49 PM

It’s easier and safer to make a housewife a ho.
posted on: 02-21-13 @ 4:08 PM

im with spaulding on this. its easy to get a house wife to take it back door. but have you ever tried to get a ho to do the fucking dishes?
posted on: 02-21-13 @ 4:35 PM

I got 99 problems and a hoe ain’t one brah!
posted on: 02-21-13 @ 4:46 PM

I agree with Spaulding also. Gave my ex-wife a wolf cookie. One of the best accomplishments of my entire life. Now her new husband kisses that. :-D
posted on: 02-21-13 @ 6:58 PM

Cory H.
If you beat her enough, yes.
posted on: 02-21-13 @ 8:15 PM