on 03.02.2013

Man, it's been a long fucking month. I've been doing this Insanity shit for 4 weeks now and man, it just don't get easier. You get stronger, more fit, and you can do more so you never have an easy day. But, I'll say this much. My fitness has improved a ton! Talking about fitness. Are y'all into fitness? How about fit'n'ess dick in your mouth? BITCHES! Love always, --Henry M.

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
i’m fit for a straight jacket
posted on: 03-02-13 @ 8:41 AM

henry, the closest thing to fitness you’ve ever had was when your daddy busted a nut in your slutty hooker mom by the dumpster in the back of McDonalds.
posted on: 03-02-13 @ 10:46 AM

No hen, but i wish i was. I drive a lot for work and as a result have seen my gut grow outward some. It sucks. I used to be thin as a rail and able to move, now its a fucking chore just to put my fucking socks on without wanting to gouge my stomach out with an ice cream scoop just to get it out of my way.
posted on: 03-02-13 @ 12:57 PM

Down-one-two, Up-one-two, then the other sock!
posted on: 03-02-13 @ 1:14 PM

fo sho brah
posted on: 03-02-13 @ 2:01 PM

Yesterday, I smoked 3 blunts in a row, so I guess you can call me the fittest
posted on: 03-02-13 @ 3:15 PM

I train with the insanity dvds...which does prove a point!
posted on: 03-02-13 @ 5:37 PM

i train with hostess and hersheys!!
posted on: 03-02-13 @ 10:59 PM

@ Two-hats, true to a "T" my friend.
posted on: 03-02-13 @ 11:33 PM

I'm 10 feet tall, bullet proof, n hung like a whale!
posted on: 03-03-13 @ 12:37 AM

I know one thing homos and fags worrie about fitness.
posted on: 03-03-13 @ 12:13 PM

If you wanna get strong do that and do it that way, not a fit queer body so all the boys at the gym can talk.
posted on: 03-03-13 @ 12:14 PM

^ ^ ^ thank you for admitting to the world u are a fat lazy slob who gets no pussy
posted on: 03-03-13 @ 8:56 PM

I'm a day late commenting on this but I feel like a lazy fuck if I miss a day at the gym. I eat all day long then hit the gym in the afternoon if possible.
posted on: 03-03-13 @ 10:32 PM