More Gun Violence?

on 03.04.2013

I have this really strange feeling that there is more gun violence being reported in the news than in years past. Not that there is more actual violence. It's just being reported more. Sure terrible events like the Newtown shooting deserved to be on the news, but it seems like I'm reading about shootings that seem to be a part of our daily lives more often. You think the media is trying to help the government convince us to give up our guns? After all, government is always fearful of a well armed citizens. --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
posted on: 03-04-13 @ 2:56 PM

ya think jay? i been saying fuck the lieing media for years !1 its allways been controled by the government. i only get my news form the net!!
posted on: 03-04-13 @ 3:39 PM

yup..and they will do it slowly..state by state..until we are defenseless to fight 50 to 75% taxes from our paychecks
posted on: 03-04-13 @ 3:54 PM

Cory H.
I agree with you 100%, Jay. I think the media will find a topic and run it into the ground. If people were dying from snorting nutmeg, suddenly we’d be hearing of all the bad things about nutmeg. I think I’ll listen to Don Henley’s "Dirty Laundry" now.
posted on: 03-04-13 @ 4:19 PM

I watch CS for my news.
posted on: 03-04-13 @ 4:28 PM

The main stream media is in partnership with the government. What better way to influence your population that guns are bad and that they should be taken away than having the media drill it into your fucking skull every day.
posted on: 03-04-13 @ 5:21 PM

There are sooo many cool ways to kill a person. Guns just make it quicker, but taking our guns will not force us into submission - Some of us that is.
posted on: 03-04-13 @ 9:02 PM

they will have to kill me to take all my guns. its my second amendment right fuck all these politicians. they are high if they think taking guns from law abiding citizens, people like me who obviously are not gonna go on a shooting spree, is going to stop the crazy fucks who want to just kill people for the hell of it, or make a ’point’ in their twisted minds by mass shootings. but people do need to have common sense if they have children around the house, especially troubled ones, thats a given. but yea i also think the government is definitely using media to push their agendas and its complete bullshit.
posted on: 03-04-13 @ 10:22 PM

You can’t even trust CNN anymore. It’s like they’re trying to bring us down to some level. Prepping us for something. First we have economic collapse and now trying to disarm us. Next we have drones in the air to scare us. How is it that we’re cutting back on things and yet can afford 30,000 new drones in the next few coming years? Those things are $300,000 - $400,000 a pop. I have a feeling many will be armed. They’re also working on making them autonomous. Muthafuckin Skynet!
posted on: 03-04-13 @ 10:32 PM

@ crazyvet- nothing cool about killing people. even if its deserved, its just taking care of business. anyways... killers gonna kill, criminals will find a way to get guns long after these political jackasses succeed in reversing a 224 year old law. and get the extended magazines they are trying to ban
posted on: 03-04-13 @ 10:33 PM

governments know what is good for the people,
posted on: 03-05-13 @ 6:51 AM

^^^ you’re an azzhole lol
posted on: 03-05-13 @ 9:00 AM

posted on: 03-06-13 @ 6:16 PM