Ask And You Shall Receive

on 03.07.2013

As you might imagine, I get bored with writing the same shit every day, and I'm sure you get bored with reading the same shit every day, so I figured we could try to spice things up a bit. I thought it might be fun to take some questions from you guys, and maybe once a week answer some for you. So if you have a question for me, you can leave it in the comment section here, or send me an email at adamh@crazyshit.com. Ask me whatever is on your mind. Maybe you're curious about how things go down at Crazyshit headquarters, maybe you want some advice on a personal matter, or maybe you just want to know if I beat it with my right or left hand. So if there's something you want answered, all you have to do is ask. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
why are over half the people on cs faggots?
posted on: 03-07-13 @ 2:59 PM

Do you like the collection of airsoft guns that gunz has on his avatar?
posted on: 03-07-13 @ 3:09 PM

what’d you do to my friend clitoris? or did he die?
posted on: 03-07-13 @ 3:11 PM

why can’t you make an app for crazyshit? the mobile version is not so great
posted on: 03-07-13 @ 3:12 PM

adam .. all you,ve done is open a pandora,s box full of fucking idiots with lame questions
posted on: 03-07-13 @ 3:13 PM

didya get rid of henry yet? I could do a better job working online from NY
posted on: 03-07-13 @ 3:15 PM

For the best porn sites and porn reviews sections, did the CS staff actually wanked to those sites to rate them? Is it normal to beat it in front of your computer at the CS HQ or you have to pretend to be rating porn?
posted on: 03-07-13 @ 3:24 PM

biggertalk, just like you don’t know what a real vagina looks like, you wouldn’t know what a real assault rifle looks like either lol
posted on: 03-07-13 @ 3:29 PM

Hey Adam, I’m trying to grow a 1,000+ lb pumpkin this year. Do you think unicorn jizz and leprechaun shit would make a good fertilizer?
posted on: 03-07-13 @ 3:37 PM

Where is greg?
posted on: 03-07-13 @ 3:41 PM

adam how about letting us neg unlimited amount of times? but just give a + once. just for the fuck of it
posted on: 03-07-13 @ 3:42 PM

Do you and jay program/code the site or do you pay someone to do it? How many years did it take from the start before you started to get decent traffic flow? Also the page where you log in still says that free members get forum access so you might want to change that.
posted on: 03-07-13 @ 3:45 PM

How many times has "I work for crazyshit. com" gotten you laid, Adam?
posted on: 03-07-13 @ 3:58 PM

What kind of CS merchandise is available? Is their any? And where can I browse it? Also, when is the next user tit contest? And what does the winner get?
posted on: 03-07-13 @ 4:02 PM

where’s my pet goat ????
posted on: 03-07-13 @ 4:06 PM

Why don’t you do a streaming webcam from the CS office, or would that be too incriminating?
posted on: 03-07-13 @ 4:26 PM

instead of writing someone up if they fuck up on the job, do you make them suck your dick or take it in the ass? and did you hafta suck jays dick when you fucked up and hired henry, lmfao
posted on: 03-07-13 @ 5:01 PM

Why does Adam surprise us with dicks all the time?Follow up question,is Adam gay or sexually confused?
posted on: 03-07-13 @ 5:17 PM

Should I hire Bigtalk to give my Ex Wife a sexually transmitted disease?
posted on: 03-07-13 @ 5:34 PM

Who the fuck is Adam?
posted on: 03-07-13 @ 7:13 PM

Who the fuck would ask advice from the bunch of fuckin retards runnin crazy shit.com ? Not hatin I loved this site when we got to see real titties and bitches doin some nasty shit that I can't get the wife to do with her "better lookin" friends. I check this site out everyday regardless. But it has gone to the shitter as of lately. Where the fuck is all the good naked sluts , shit with cars, dumbs hits killing themselves. Could do without all the cock" mangled or not". Oh yea does anyone know of another " better " site like c.s? Thanks fellas for the laughs and making me almost puke on a daily basis. Smoke crack and kill nigger babies
posted on: 03-07-13 @ 8:51 PM

Have you ever shit your pants in public?
posted on: 03-07-13 @ 9:40 PM

Why do my balls always smell like vinegar?
posted on: 03-07-13 @ 11:14 PM

Gunz is such an immature dumbass faggot,there is no such thing as "assualt rifles,weapons"this is a term the gun hating intrest groups want to brainwash everyone with,but I guess you’re to busy jerking to the idea of scoping out some grade school kids from mommies basement.
posted on: 03-07-13 @ 11:20 PM

see adam
posted on: 03-08-13 @ 12:23 AM

How about putting my avatar up ? I have asked at least 5 times over 2 months or so, i even emailed Jay over it and still nothing has been done.
posted on: 03-08-13 @ 6:10 AM

What servers do you use, and what was the cost
posted on: 03-08-13 @ 6:37 AM

O K, so which hand do you use?
posted on: 03-08-13 @ 9:27 AM

So do you like vaseline or KY gell when Jay gives it to you on payday?
posted on: 03-08-13 @ 12:10 PM

@bigger talk to answer ur question just look between ur legs
posted on: 03-08-13 @ 1:44 PM

Does the toilet paper roll from the top or behind?
posted on: 03-09-13 @ 4:57 PM