Programming Question

on 03.09.2013

Here's the answer to the_aristocrat's question, "Do you and jay program/code the site or do you pay someone to do it? How many years did it take from the start before you started to get decent traffic flow?" I do all the programing for the site. I do the html, css, javascript and php. We started in 98 and were actually really successful. We had no idea about anything back then, and turned it into a pay only site which killed the traffic. I bought out my partner in 2003 and turned the site free. It took another 3 years to get into the 30k people a day range. Now we are at 90-100k a day. --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
what about an app for cs ? believe me it would be awesome
posted on: 03-09-13 @ 12:34 PM

you mean to tell me we got 90-100k people seeing the shit we write on here? damn when do we start getting paid for being funny sick fuckers and creating fucked up crazyshit for folks to read and laugh at? free V.I.P accounts for all the regulars!! can i get an amen or a like brothers!
posted on: 03-09-13 @ 12:42 PM

Of course Jay, Adam, or Henry won’t answer any of the more, how should I say, "Lewd" Questions. Had to go for the more static dull ones.
posted on: 03-09-13 @ 12:49 PM

well about 80k of them are guys that henry and adam blew every week to check out the site.
posted on: 03-09-13 @ 1:01 PM

thats why jay is doing all the posts today. henry and adam are out there suckin away gettin them views up
posted on: 03-09-13 @ 1:14 PM

Where the FUck is my VIP!
posted on: 03-09-13 @ 1:32 PM

@ron then I'll daily write "fuck allah"
posted on: 03-09-13 @ 1:52 PM

nerds brah you fukin betas brah lol
posted on: 03-09-13 @ 2:00 PM

Jay did u get my email forthe tee-?h
posted on: 03-09-13 @ 2:19 PM

Sorry bout that! Did u get my email for the tee shirt?
posted on: 03-09-13 @ 2:22 PM

Jay D.
@sparkles, yes. It will be going out this week. Don’t worry, we will spend some time answering most of those questions, even the "lewd" ones.
posted on: 03-09-13 @ 2:57 PM

Thanks for answering my question Jay. Keep up the good work.
posted on: 03-09-13 @ 3:25 PM

@sparkles,and if by chance there is an extra load on the front of your t-shirt don’t worry,we just sent it around the office more than once.
posted on: 03-09-13 @ 9:43 PM

that’s 90-100k people who can kiss my beautiful, hairless brown ass. HD like a serrated dildo in your life. fuck the whole lot of yous! bitches love sosa, niggas love coca, i live mi vida loca!:D
posted on: 03-10-13 @ 6:33 AM