Little Late Blog

on 03.10.2013

Sorry for the late blogging. I had to do a emergency faucet repair this afternoon. Living in a home that was built in 1959, shit tends to go wrong around here, and I'm the guy that has to fix it. Besides being a programmer, and beer drinking I am also a handyman. Not the kind of handyman that could actually get paid to fix shit. I'm too fucking slow for that. Just a guy that can eventually get the job done with enough beer and duct tape. Usually a fair amount of cursing as well. I think next week I have to replace the guts of our other shower. Going to knock out the wall behind it to get to it. Should be fun! --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Duct tape and a hammer is all you need. (to murder)
posted on: 03-11-13 @ 2:02 AM

Just before you re-seal the wall, put a dildo and a beastiality video in there for the next folks to find.
posted on: 03-11-13 @ 9:07 AM

do like i did jay cut a hole in the wall in the next room behind the shower pipess. and when your done fucking around with it hang a big ass mirror over the hole. worked for me.
posted on: 03-11-13 @ 1:48 PM