No Polish Pope

on 03.14.2013

I am a little sad today. I really wanted the pope to be Polish. Only for the selfish reason that I want the phrase, "Is the Pope Polish?" to come back. I fucking loved that phrase. Say someone said something like, "hey, you going to the bar?" I could answer with "Is the Pope Polish?" and at that point in time, he was actually Polish. Now what do I have? Is the Pope Argentinian? Fuck no, that sucks. I guess I will have to use this phrase as my backup now on, "Do priests fuck little boys?" --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Is that the Polish pope who replaced the pope after 33 days who wanted no more mafia money running through " Banco Ambrosiano ? "
posted on: 03-14-13 @ 1:50 PM

For the halfwhits amongst you see Al Pacinos The Godfather for details.
posted on: 03-14-13 @ 1:52 PM

he should’ve been a black nigga bruh
posted on: 03-14-13 @ 2:05 PM

i’m with biggertalk. they should have hired a black pope. god knows it would be an easy enough job, just set around talking bullshit and makig up bullshit storys and trying to tell everbody what to do. perfect job for a porch monkey! and it all comes natural.
posted on: 03-14-13 @ 2:34 PM

He`s got the perfect pedo-face, that`s for sure
posted on: 03-14-13 @ 2:49 PM

So this is the infamous final pope!
posted on: 03-14-13 @ 3:08 PM

Revelation is amongst us people!
posted on: 03-14-13 @ 5:45 PM

the last polish pope sold zyklon b to the nazi’s. a good man. taught those kikes a lesson for killing jebus on his easter.
posted on: 03-14-13 @ 8:59 PM

You can say "is the pope a jesuit?" Jesuits try to rule the world,so this is just one more step in their agenda.
posted on: 03-15-13 @ 2:47 AM