Easter Time

on 04.02.2013

For years being a Catholic, Easter means going to a packed church to stand around for a hour or so. Then heading over to a family members house to stuff your face then fall asleep. This year we did things a bit different. We skipped the church routine, and went to the beach. You know what? While all those Christians are at church, us heathens were getting the sweet picnic spots and drinking beer. By 12 I already had 4 beers and it didn't stop much after that. Anyone do anything pretty cool for the Easter Holiday? Praise the Lord! --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
HERE IN michigan i live on the ohio boarder, so i go to ohio and get beer cheap as fuck $12 a case for keystone and coors light. so ya we killed a ham a bag of tatters built a fire in the back yard and sat around getting drunk as fuck in 45 degree weather!! so fuck you and your exspensive ass beer and beautiful sandy beach!! we party like cheap ass arctic rockstars in michigan!!
posted on: 04-02-13 @ 2:56 PM

Read JESUS THE MAN BY Barbara Theiring
posted on: 04-02-13 @ 3:21 PM

posted on: 04-02-13 @ 3:21 PM

" What`s the difference between religion and a cult ? " ABOUT 2000 YEARS !
posted on: 04-02-13 @ 3:22 PM

I fucked a rabbit in the ear.
posted on: 04-02-13 @ 3:27 PM

^^^ Congratulations!!!
posted on: 04-02-13 @ 4:50 PM

Fuck relegion
posted on: 04-02-13 @ 8:20 PM

Yes, we NEED religion to keep us from raping & killing all we want. Except I want to do zero killing. Raping? Well, better start praying bitch.
posted on: 04-02-13 @ 8:50 PM

You shall ALL burn 1,000,000,000 for every un-Godly thought you have ever had in your rotten, estrogen-demented, misandrist, low-IQ pathetic excuses for brains, you WHORES! God shall strike you all down and make sure you’ll be raped by Male infants in the palm of His hands.
posted on: 04-03-13 @ 4:15 AM