Delicious Green Fruit

on 04.03.2013

Damn I love me some avocados. I got half of one sitting right next to me as I type. They go good on pretty much anything, and they're even tasty as fuck on their own. I just cut em' open and scoop out the green goodness with a spoon. Don't even get me started on guacamole. That shit is the fucking shit. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
I have an avocado dip like guacamole but easier to make ,Ok first you get 2 ripe soft Haus avocados take out the fruit put in a bowl ,then add 1/2 tea spoon garlic powder,pinch course sea salt,{to taste] , 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil , and tea spoon of lemon juice, I don’t measure so you can tweak it some, but it’s easier to make then a full guacamole dip great on sandwitches also a good dip and the best part is I feel it last longer in the refrigerator without going brown or separating then full guacamole dip.. I just made some yesterday..try it Adam its’ good.... Vinnie
posted on: 04-03-13 @ 1:09 PM

PS.......Sorry dude I don’t think you need to be told this, but next : smash the avocado up before ,and then mix the ingredients in.......
posted on: 04-03-13 @ 1:20 PM

dat shit is fruit?
posted on: 04-03-13 @ 1:42 PM

Avocado is for pussies, my friend.
posted on: 04-03-13 @ 2:42 PM

Avocados are also high in fat. Better watch that womanly figure of yours Adam.
posted on: 04-03-13 @ 5:57 PM

With cottage cheese and salt and pepper....fuck yeah
posted on: 04-03-13 @ 7:27 PM

i live about a half hours drive from oxnard where the mission avocados come from- best in the world. the farmers market comes on the boulevard (our main strip) every thursday and we get great picks of the best avocados. learn how to make home made flower tortillas (they’re easy to make, bro.), heat them up on a cast iron skillet, and then dice some avocados into the trotilla, and voila, the greatest snack ever. be cool.
posted on: 04-03-13 @ 8:13 PM

See Doc. I’m eating my fruit. Now get off my fat ass!
posted on: 04-03-13 @ 9:04 PM

they make my shit fly out my ass like pudding at mach 1 !!
posted on: 04-03-13 @ 10:21 PM

^Substitute the word niggers for ’they’ at the beginning of that sentence and we’re closer to the truth. :)
posted on: 04-03-13 @ 10:26 PM

Can somebody tell me how to upgrade to VIP? Im on my fone n dont know where to go.
posted on: 04-03-13 @ 11:29 PM

Cory H.
Sparkles, look top right. See control panel next to log off? Click control panel and you should find your options for upgrading to VIP.
posted on: 04-04-13 @ 12:45 AM

Killkenny for comment of the week!
posted on: 04-04-13 @ 1:01 AM

^Nah. I’m just raggin’ on him for the lulz. :)
posted on: 04-04-13 @ 10:23 AM