What A Day

on 04.08.2013

Big things are happening at CS headquarters today. I made some pancakes and they were delicious. Especially after spreading some organic butter and pouring pure dark amber maple syrup all over them. And Jay finished some work on the News section of crazyshit, where you can read the latest fucked up stories in the news and comment on them. It truly is an exciting day. --Adam

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
News section of crayshit you say ? did you fall asleep and take the z Adam ?
posted on: 04-08-13 @ 3:22 PM

I pissed in the syrup. Asshole.
posted on: 04-08-13 @ 3:34 PM

does this thing get anymore gayer than this
posted on: 04-08-13 @ 5:06 PM

that shit cray
posted on: 04-08-13 @ 6:58 PM

Where can I comment on the news Adam? All i see are the comment posts associated with that particular news site.
posted on: 04-08-13 @ 11:01 PM

Cory H.
I’m not Adam, but look to the right of each CS news article. Click on comments, You should see the dialogue box.
posted on: 04-08-13 @ 11:30 PM

I see it now Cory. Thanks bud. Have to bring up the news page and not click the articles in the small window next to the peanut gallery.
posted on: 04-09-13 @ 12:54 AM

Cory H.
Damn. Im on the ipad and accidentally negged ya bro.
posted on: 04-09-13 @ 2:08 AM