Watch Some Dolphin Slaughter

on 04.18.2013

Did you see the video of Japanese fisherman slaughtering dolphins? The Japs really love that mercury poisoned dolphin meat of theirs. It is pretty fucked up to watch, but I bet if those were people getting stabbed to death, less people would care. What do you think about this shit? --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
I saw that when I saw the documentary "the cove". shits been going on for years.
posted on: 04-18-13 @ 2:32 PM

i prefer to watch baby seals get clubbed brah!
posted on: 04-18-13 @ 2:35 PM

"pay no attention to that man behind the curtain" he has a small penis and his wife eats his shit. atleast we kill our food humanely. these fucks eat some animals alive!! sick little dicked bastards.
posted on: 04-18-13 @ 3:41 PM

Motherfucking bastards....all I can say about those rice eating fucktards.
posted on: 04-18-13 @ 4:02 PM

I watched that while eating a package of TransOcean Crab Classic Imitation Crab sticks with zesty cocktail sauce. Yum!
posted on: 04-18-13 @ 4:44 PM

No Need to be eating Dolphin it’s just a nasty Jap thing
posted on: 04-18-13 @ 5:01 PM

I can watch videos of humans being slaughtered all day long but I refuse to watch videos involving animal cruelty.
posted on: 04-18-13 @ 5:25 PM

Why can’t the Japanese just eat the Chinese there is like 10 billion of those fuckers and after an hour you can eat again...
posted on: 04-18-13 @ 5:40 PM

Stick two fingers in it's blowhole.
posted on: 04-18-13 @ 7:35 PM

let me tell you something, i think we are a fine lot of fools to underestimate them damn dolphins. i fear the rise of the dolphins. those fuckers have a bigger brain than us, and when they develop more lung capacity, and can stay on the surface longer, then we’re fucked. they’l fight us underwater- their territory -and we’ll lose. the japs are doing us a favor. save those funky whales, though. H-Dizzle
posted on: 04-18-13 @ 7:49 PM

^^^They already have a bigger brain than you,what am I saying,a cockroach has a bigger brain than you do.^^^
posted on: 04-19-13 @ 1:04 AM

I agree with rockinron!!!
posted on: 04-19-13 @ 2:11 AM

If women were to be stabbed to death NOBODY would care! :-)
posted on: 04-19-13 @ 6:59 AM

Not to be insensitive, but what about all the cows, chikens, pigs and fish we eat? I have been in a slaughter house where they hung the cows, slit their throats and let them bleed to death. It was a relatively slow death. For a few years after that I swore off eating any animal. So really, what is the difference?
posted on: 04-19-13 @ 11:38 AM

Thestrangler should be on some sort of sex offender watch list by now. Dude you got issues.
posted on: 04-24-13 @ 1:04 AM