Rights And Homophobes!

on 04.21.2013

I read some funny shit yesterday. Have you guys seen the movie "The Way of the Gun?" Well, there's a great line in that movie...I mean it's absolutely fucking fantastic! It goes like this right here: "Don't you think it's funny that if I grab a woman's ass and she punches me, she's fighting for her rights, but if a faggot grabs my ass and I punch his lights out, I'm a homophobe?" I think that's as true as it gets! However, these days, with all the politically correct bullshit (Fuck you! Liberal cunts!), we'd get sued instead of her, "fighting for her rights." Why is it that if you make a comment about a woman's beauty, or fine-ass body, you're a sexual harasser? It's just a fucking statement about her good looks! And for the gay dudes, I'm no homophobe, but, if you grab my ass, you're guaranteed to get popped right in the mouth. (That last sentence could probably be worded better....but it's too entertaining re-write.) And after I give a little fist-to-face counseling I'd get arrested for battery. Domestic abuse if it was a room-mate. Anyhow, what the fuck gives? We, men, are expected to behave like a bunch of fucking fairies! We can't make comments about women's beauty and we ain't supposed to fight anymore. This country here, needs to get it's shit straight before the Whitehouse is overrun by politicians in skinny-pants! See y'all in a few weeks. Love always, --Henry M.

Henry M., henrym@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
posted on: 04-21-13 @ 3:35 PM

let me get this straight. your gay roomate grabed your ass and you didnt bust his nose because it was illegal? fuck that any fag grabs my ass or package he wont have a hand on the end of his arm when he puls it back.
posted on: 04-21-13 @ 3:50 PM

This is why I hate women. They’re truly low-IQ, worthless, parasitic scum.
posted on: 04-21-13 @ 4:04 PM

posted on: 04-21-13 @ 4:31 PM

Remember to get sume fush and chops!
posted on: 04-21-13 @ 5:13 PM

posted on: 04-21-13 @ 5:38 PM

The fact you use words like fairy and faggot make you a homophone, dick
posted on: 04-21-13 @ 5:49 PM

How does hating faggots make you afraid of them? I hate fags. I’m not afraid of them. I have never understood how hating something makes someone afraid of it. Where the fuck is the logic in that?
posted on: 04-21-13 @ 6:17 PM

..l.. -__- ..l..
posted on: 04-21-13 @ 7:09 PM

i love getting hit on by fags. fags have impeccably good taste. it’s a sure fire way to know that you’re doing something right. if a fag doesn’t grab my ass at least once every fortnight, i take it to heart, and start to get a little down and a tad paranoid. and dudes think i’m fag all the time, but that’s just because i feel pretty, and somewhere, at sometime, some ugly asshole brute wrote down in some stoopid book how a man can’t feel pretty without being gay. nothing wrong with feeling pretty and letting my long hair swing in the wind. dude’s is mad either because i won’t fag out with them, or they’re undercover faggot lovers and i bring out their insecurities. but fuck all of ya’ll. i’m on pretty shit for this summer. YOLO!
posted on: 04-21-13 @ 7:52 PM

There is a difference between hating gays and hating gay sex.
posted on: 04-21-13 @ 10:39 PM

So Henry you’re finally getting tired of Adams advances!
posted on: 04-22-13 @ 11:29 AM

handsomedevil: Proof positive that you are a pole smoker!
posted on: 04-22-13 @ 11:31 AM