Midnight Drive To Georgia

on 04.25.2013

At midnight I'll be hopping in a car and riding up to northern Georgia for a side job I have, and I am not looking forward to a 10 hour drive. But what does this mean for you? Well, it means three days in a row with your main man Jay! Since Henry is also out of town this weekend, Jay will be holding down the Crazyshit fort like he did in the old days. It also means there is a 99.9% chance there will be no Week In Crazyshit. But wipe the tears from your eyes, put your boner in your hand and enjoy some porn. --Adam

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
text and drive, then make sure your last text is "YOLO"
posted on: 04-25-13 @ 2:34 PM

"At midnight I’ll be hopping in a car and riding up to northern Georgia for a side job I have".......You are a gay prostitute aren’t you?
posted on: 04-25-13 @ 2:40 PM

A 10 hour drive you say ? Airplanes were invented for just this occasion.
posted on: 04-25-13 @ 2:57 PM

Adam H.
You couldn’t afford me, shadowarior. Stick to the truck stops, faggot.
posted on: 04-25-13 @ 4:11 PM

Sort the wics out before you go, and Henry, mail us mate, we are 24 miles from you, lets go for a beer. peace.
posted on: 04-25-13 @ 5:24 PM

So Adam I see you ran out of Florida truck stop glory holes.
posted on: 04-25-13 @ 6:12 PM

wtf? why you gonna leave us with no wics. damnit dude your fucking up the balance of the universe!! now something real bads gonna happen like crazyvet smokin to much weed or bigger talk dieing or......hey on 2nd thought have a great time and don’t worry about the wics dude im sure it will all work out for the best!! peace my nigg...um dude
posted on: 04-25-13 @ 9:34 PM

so, without henry, no reposts or tranny’s this weekend?
posted on: 04-26-13 @ 12:39 AM