Going To Kentucky Derby

on 04.27.2013

Next week we are off to go to the Kentucky Derby! This is our first time, so any advice if you have been would be awesome. Not sure if we will make it to the infield party. I'm hoping so, to at least see what the common folk are doing! My girl is all about horse racing. For me, I'm just there to look pretty and drink beer. Not necessarily in that order. I hope to bring back some solid pictures to share with everyone! --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
I say post pics of your girl taking the horse cock or your trip didn’t happen.
posted on: 04-27-13 @ 11:17 AM

For you to look pretty Jay, everyone would have to drink a lot of beer.
posted on: 04-27-13 @ 12:00 PM

I'm thinking that 2indastink might steer your girlfriend in the right direction when dealing with proper horse etiquette.
posted on: 04-27-13 @ 12:46 PM

i went to the kentuckey derby once, caught 2indastink pounding on seabiscuit jr.
posted on: 04-27-13 @ 1:48 PM

hey you gotta go to the infield and film the toilet races!! people run a gauntlet of flying beer cans and bottles while running across the roofs of 20-30 porta pottys look it up on you tube. fuck it here is a link youtube/watch?v=IK5OtqpRwS "M" just take that last m on the link and put it by the "s" then copy and paste it. shit is hilarious. or copy and paste this "Kentucky Derby 2010 Infield sports, Run for the Porta John!" into the search on youtube. it was the most fun of the whole day when we down there. just make sure you get a a good video of it!!!
posted on: 04-27-13 @ 2:56 PM

by the way......WERE THE FUCKS THE WICS JAY?????
posted on: 04-27-13 @ 4:17 PM

Advice-Don’t walk to the infield during the race. The horses will run you the fuck over.
posted on: 04-27-13 @ 5:46 PM

try and look pretty 1st after the beer you got no chance
posted on: 04-28-13 @ 9:57 AM