The Bitch Has Problems

on 04.29.2013

This weekend I had the displeasure of riding in a car for 20 plus hours with some crazy chick I just met. This bitch has problems, and she would not shut the fuck up about them at all. I couldn't understand her need to divulge all her issues to a couple people she barely knows. She even Skyped with her dog she hadn't seen in two days, if that gives you any insight to this nutjob's mind. The only time her trap was shut was the hour or two she was asleep, but then she was ripping some nasty ass farts. I definitely preferred smelling her ass over hearing her talk though. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
should have stopped at a greasy spoon for a piss and left her there
posted on: 04-29-13 @ 12:46 PM

that poor dog
posted on: 04-29-13 @ 12:58 PM

Send her personal details to my e-mail.
posted on: 04-29-13 @ 1:10 PM

I still can’t believe you went out with a female
posted on: 04-29-13 @ 1:31 PM

Adam, What was the event that forced you to be in such pleasurable company for 20 plus hours?
posted on: 04-29-13 @ 1:43 PM

damn brah i’d hate to drive in a car with cockinron’s sister brah
posted on: 04-29-13 @ 2:24 PM

Cory H.
"Bitch, Will you please shut the fuck up?" usually gets some sort reaction. It’s possible it would have pissed her off enough to have the driver stop so she could get out an walk. It’s always a pleasure seeing females do really dumb off the cuff shit like that. They they cry for hours with no one around.
posted on: 04-29-13 @ 3:00 PM

gee, I thought opposites attract
posted on: 04-29-13 @ 3:39 PM

jokes on you biggertalk!! my sister used to be my brother!!
posted on: 04-29-13 @ 4:26 PM

by the way....WTF HAPPENED TO THE WICS!!
posted on: 04-29-13 @ 4:29 PM

You must of been handcuffed to her I guess.
posted on: 04-29-13 @ 10:45 PM