Good Afternoon!

on 05.04.2013

What's up fuckers? Did you bitches miss me? I know you did...that was a rhetorical question. Anyhow, I slept in a lil bit and updates are a wee bit late. But, I know I'm forgiven. So, anything new in the world of Crazyshit members? I'm just getting all my shit ready for this trip to the UK. I'm really looking forward to that shit. For y'all that emailed me, do it again, I may have accidentally deleted your emails. On an other note, I reckon I'll be doing some other bad-ass courses this year involving Executive Protection and Precision Rifle. Any of y'all got experience in any of the shit I'm getting into? Let us know. I'd love to hear about it. Also, while I'm in the UK, I'll have limited down-time so if any of y'all want to meet up in the Hereford area let me know. Maybe we'll shoot a WICS intro? We'll definitely do that. Anyhow, fuck you till tomorrow! --Henry M.

Henry M., henrym@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
suk my ballz m8
posted on: 05-04-13 @ 3:33 PM

So, more nude chick picks and less dicks posts. Great.Later.
posted on: 05-04-13 @ 3:43 PM

^^^ you’ve done it now there will be dicks all over the shop tomorrow
posted on: 05-04-13 @ 4:04 PM

great when he gets to the uk all we will see are chicks with fucked up teeth and trannys with bad accents.
posted on: 05-04-13 @ 5:25 PM

^still a cupid stunt... If your up north near Liverpool "H" give me a shout.
posted on: 05-05-13 @ 11:36 AM