Put Down The Phone

on 05.14.2013

I've been riding my bike a lot lately, and because of all the death I see on crazyshit, I keep my head on a swivel at all times. Yesterday I avoided getting run over by some dumb cunt talking on her phone and not paying any attention, and today I avoided getting run over by some dumb fuck texting and not paying any attention. I made sure to very loudly let them know they should put their fucking phones down and watch where they are going. I know they won't though. They'll just keep blowing through stop signs and making turns without ever actually looking at what's directly in front of them. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Don`t ever get a cam Adam, we all know those fuckers always end up dead.
posted on: 05-14-13 @ 2:27 PM

You should wear a GoPro so when they scrape you off the road we can see it....just sayin
posted on: 05-14-13 @ 2:28 PM

you should go on a bike tour in hongkong dude i hear asia’s a real safe place to ride a bike
posted on: 05-14-13 @ 2:40 PM

u mad brah
posted on: 05-14-13 @ 3:24 PM

i hate phones in general and in particular. what the fuck are we, grown men or 15 year old girls? i only have one for emergency purposes. but yeah, texting while driving, you mind as well drive while swigging a fifth of jack. god, i h8 ppl.
posted on: 05-14-13 @ 5:36 PM

Ban cell phones before we all die on a bike
posted on: 05-14-13 @ 6:27 PM

Its not their fault I’m sure you drive in between cars in n out of lanes and get too close to the cars. I’m sure you will make a great organ donor to a tranny in need
posted on: 05-14-13 @ 9:46 PM