How Much Money Spent?

on 05.15.2013

As I've been watching the news over the past few weeks, the talk of the Benghazi and the events unfolded is all over place. It's Republicans blaming the President for a coverup, House hearings, and whatever the fuck they want to try to do to sling mud. This is all about trying to win a political war, not solve any problems. That got me thinking. How much is all this bullshit costing us as tax payers? These House hearings can't be cheap. In the end, there will be no outcome that will help our country, but one thing will be for sure. We will end up spending millions to never answer a question, and people still will have lost their lives. From now on as a people, we need to start asking how much this bullshit is going to cost us every time these fuckheads wants to win an election. --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
100 trillion dollars
posted on: 05-15-13 @ 2:39 PM

its allways the same bill thats sent to the tax payers. Bill for: trying to fuck the president out of office. one arm and one leg and the pot you piss on. please pay in full!
posted on: 05-15-13 @ 2:56 PM

this may come as a complete surprise but you dont have the monopoly on this kind of bull shit
posted on: 05-15-13 @ 3:21 PM

i wouldn’t mind so much if most of the money went to small businesses to cater it, drive those assholes around, comment about it on CS, etc, but it wont.
posted on: 05-15-13 @ 3:26 PM

i still can’t believe our president is black. if you watch all the doomsday scenario type flicks, you’l take note how the president of these united states is always portrayed by a black actor. i thought the kikes in hollywood were trying to tell us that when we have a negro pres then we better prepare ourselves for the apocalypse. looks like that was just wishful thinking on my part as i don’t see any end in site. too bad, i’d rather see this failed human race go out with a bang than a whimper. anyway, that’s my 2 cents.
posted on: 05-15-13 @ 4:42 PM

13 Rider truck loads of evidence of treason on Clinton. Only nailed him for lying about getting a BJ. Got impeached and still kept his job. Obama might temporarily loose his street cred;but he’s not loosing his job. Think of the wanker we’re going to have years from now; who going to make us say "remember good old Berry?"
posted on: 05-15-13 @ 8:25 PM

Obama needs to go for what he did.He gave the stand down order and ambassador Stevens gets sodomised with a bayonet.Obama needs to stand trial for murder the no good son of a bitch. We had troops begging to go help and beat some talibany ass and he said "no".And not only that the attack was on the 9/11 anniversary,that right there should of told Obama to be ready and stand guard ,the dumbass.
posted on: 05-15-13 @ 11:50 PM

Jay, You are starting to sound like a typical dad. I ask myself your same question every time my wife or kids want to get involved in something locally.
posted on: 05-16-13 @ 12:22 PM

Congress should get off its ass, stop trying to fuck Obama and do something for the country like create jobs
posted on: 05-16-13 @ 3:22 PM