Team Player

on 05.18.2013

Henry is up in the UK, so yesterday Jay asked me if I wanted to do updates this weekend. Obviously I didn't, but I like Jay and I missed a few days while I was in Texas eating lots of food and making lots of sweet love, so I agreed to help out. I'm kind of hoping he'll get me a hooker to show his appreciation of me sacrificing my Saturday post-training nap. A burrito would be fine too. I think now I'll throw on my thong and go lay out by the pool. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
A hooker or a burrito. You’re selling yourself short man.
posted on: 05-18-13 @ 2:57 PM

i live in the UK. .. . ill run him over in my van and send you the pictures ! if i do it can i have a T shirt?
posted on: 05-18-13 @ 3:09 PM

You wear a thong? Gay...
posted on: 05-18-13 @ 3:11 PM

hooker? or burrito? which one you gonna eat and which one you gonna fuck adam?
posted on: 05-18-13 @ 9:34 PM

@potrostation it depends on where you acquire said hookers and burrito. as far as hookers go, it’s all about who you know. if you have a connect, then you can obtain the services of fresh turn outs. i’m partial to thick redbones between the ages of 16-18. if i’m in the mood to fuck, and not in the mood to wine and dine, then i see no pathos or moral ambiguity in dropping a couple of twinkies and hooking up with a pretty young thang. and as far as burritos, shit, mang, we got that on lock: carne asada, black beans and spanish rice, topped with my famous salsa. that’s why i’m straight. should i ever have my back to the corner, i could always open a successful taco truck, and make a buck. deuces, mah ni664z. keep it cray! :)
posted on: 05-18-13 @ 11:56 PM