Jay Let Me Down

on 05.19.2013

When I agreed to do updates this weekend, I told Jay to give me some blogs so I didn't have to come up with anything to write. He said he would definitely do that. But here I am, day two, writing another blog. Damn you, Jay! You have let me down, but I turned my disappointment in you into something to write about. Thanks, buddy. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Stop bitching i asked Jay a question 10 days ago and i am still waiting for an answer.
posted on: 05-19-13 @ 2:45 PM

you dare question the creator of Crazyshit, slave?
posted on: 05-19-13 @ 2:52 PM

jay is just paying you back for not playing with his balls while you were eating out his asshole.
posted on: 05-19-13 @ 3:02 PM

Ah, no reach around?
posted on: 05-19-13 @ 4:03 PM

How about you just let me run CS instead. Although I’m already the "de facto" boss of the site.
posted on: 05-19-13 @ 4:23 PM

what ?. . are you his blow up sex doll ?
posted on: 05-19-13 @ 4:35 PM

nothing to write about??? you don’t make enough mistakes, my good man. mistakes are the fruit of inspiration. i lose only to muse. peruse thoughts that transfuse wins where i lost. eat, sleep and shit regrets. i imagine some asshole wrote a poem about it all...
posted on: 05-19-13 @ 5:32 PM

maybe if you blow him, next time he may leave you some blogs
posted on: 05-19-13 @ 6:44 PM

Oh boy. Bitching about writing a blog. I bet the most stressful part of your job is whether or not you’re getting enough moisturizer on those wittle finger tips of yours for typing. Here i am cutting my hands open, smashing them with 80lb hose reels, and getting blasted in the face with 400psi of 10w-30; and you’re bitching about a blog.....
posted on: 05-19-13 @ 11:39 PM