Sorry Adam...

on 05.20.2013

It looks like I dropped the ball on the blogging this weekend. Adam had asked me if I would blog for Crazyshit over the weekend and I said I would. Well, I didn't. It's not that I didn't have shit to say, it's just that my kid really likes having fun, and well, that keeps me from getting work done. Basically any time he's around, we are getting wild, and I'm not working. Which is fine by me, but others are suffering because of it. So to all of you that are suffering, too fucking bad! Hahah --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
stop blaming on each other and get back to work ! this site is your bread and butter
posted on: 05-20-13 @ 2:08 PM

You’re the boss; no explanation is necessary. Tell him to man up or you’ll have a Rican doing his job by the end of the week.
posted on: 05-20-13 @ 2:34 PM

You’re fired.
posted on: 05-20-13 @ 2:38 PM

grow some nuts ya great fat pudding pop! your the boss fuck apologizeing!! bust some ass cut some pay and reduce some hours and watch how much they bitch about shit then!!!!
posted on: 05-20-13 @ 3:51 PM

my superiors at my work place doesn’t even give a crap about me.
posted on: 05-20-13 @ 4:10 PM

Uuuhhhhh, teaching your son to be an internet troll will probably not get him the ladies. However if you leave him plenty cash, I don't think it really matters. Order in a chinese bride and get Uncle 2inda to take him camping. Great bonfire stories for sure. Or order in a drunk russian bride and get the stangler to show him how hard it is to kill something. That's his wedding speech right there. Get Kramer and Frank to go to south central LA and teach him some comedy John Mclain style. Imagine the headlines!
posted on: 05-20-13 @ 6:00 PM

well that wasnt set up. . next stop hollywood.
posted on: 05-20-13 @ 7:27 PM

you should hire me; i never stfu, i have good grammar, and a mexican american work ethic. when i was twelve, i remember a therapist told me, ’look, kid, if you’re going to keep running your mouth like that, then you mind as well set those words to paper and make a career out of it’... i told that whore to get on her knees.
posted on: 05-20-13 @ 10:41 PM

I wish my father was a CrazyShit admin.
posted on: 05-21-13 @ 12:16 AM

Cory H.
At least you didn’t drop the soap.
posted on: 05-21-13 @ 12:17 AM