Oklahoma Tornadoes

on 05.21.2013

Jesus did Oklahoma get fucked yesterday by those tornadoes. Our hearts and thoughts go out to the people that lost friends and families yesterday. We were glad to hear the number of dead was not 51, but more like 24. Not that that makes it better, but man, the schools that got fucked up, that shit is heart breaking being a parent. I did some research to see how we can help, and at this point, the Red Cross seems like the most legit place to help. Good luck out there, we wish you nothing but the best. --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Oh snap, RIP.
posted on: 05-21-13 @ 2:17 PM

Kevan Durant, star basketball player for the Oklahoma City Thunder just gave 1 million dollars to the local Red Cross. Fine, young black man!
posted on: 05-21-13 @ 2:18 PM

i bet ray manzericke was the rider of that storm. rest in peace ray!
posted on: 05-21-13 @ 2:22 PM

So you only like blacks when they empty their wallets for your asses? Get the fuck out, mayne!
posted on: 05-21-13 @ 2:28 PM

Cory H.
Black, white, yellow, or green. Oklahoma is a fucked up scene, and race ain’t got shit to do with it.
posted on: 05-21-13 @ 2:32 PM

as some one who lives in oklahoma city and travels the metro very often it was a terrible event but we will pick up and move on
posted on: 05-21-13 @ 3:35 PM

cory is right. this tragedy has no color only victims. the nigers and beaners are eqaully dead or alive as the whites and the irish! and all the chinks whoops and sloops all deserve to have equal care and rescue.
posted on: 05-21-13 @ 4:25 PM

It slamming into those schools is a heart beaker. Poor kids did not have a chance. Makes me sick.
posted on: 05-21-13 @ 10:39 PM

if I was there and whipped out my cock I would have stopped that tornado dead in its tracks. but seriously, that tornado is a son of a bitch, mother nature.
posted on: 05-22-13 @ 9:52 AM

Ya know why tornadoes rarely hit California? Cuz Chuck Norris & Paris Hilton live there. Norris would un-twist a twister and nobody blows more than Paris.
posted on: 05-22-13 @ 10:47 AM