I'm Back!

on 06.01.2013

Hey hoes! I'm sure you fuckers missed me. Anyhow, I had a good time over in the UK. Nothing but good things to say about the former service-members I met. Apologies to our UK members that contacted me about possibly meeting up. I was busy the whole week with very little down-time. The course was pretty intense but well worth it. Next time I hit the UK I'm going to plan a lot more down-time. Tomorrow, I'll have something better to rant about....I'm sure of it! Till then, eat shit! Love always -- Henry M.

Henry M., henrym@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
"I was busy the whole week with very little down-time." ~ Translation: I sat in my room eating fist fulls of cheese balls from the large containers that you get from Wal*mart while masturbating to Crazyshit sponsored pornography with a friend next to me cheering me on for moral support.
posted on: 06-01-13 @ 8:39 AM

Henry the only thing missed was Jays dick in your butt and Adams dick in your mouth. Nobody here gives a burnt mexican turd about your traipse abroad. The only reason anyone would give a fuck is for the sad fact that you came back. Now back to work you fat bastard, you should already be thinking up random retard jargon to go with your reposts ya fuckin chapped nigger knuckle.
posted on: 06-01-13 @ 9:44 AM

You were gone?
posted on: 06-01-13 @ 12:07 PM

what your saying is the SAS ended up with a load of CS T shirts ment for us peanuts
posted on: 06-01-13 @ 2:37 PM

welcome back man
posted on: 06-01-13 @ 2:39 PM

Guess I’ll go kill myself now.
posted on: 06-01-13 @ 3:00 PM

@biggertalk...get somebody to vidio that for CS
posted on: 06-01-13 @ 3:34 PM

need any help bigger talk? i mean i can make a body disapear real good and even load the gun or tie the rope in the tree for ya! let me know?
posted on: 06-01-13 @ 4:47 PM

^^^^^^ I’ll supply the giant wooden cross soaked in diesel fuel if you supply the shackles. Anybody got white sheets??...
posted on: 06-01-13 @ 8:01 PM

We knew it was you, Captain repost!
posted on: 06-01-13 @ 9:04 PM

who are you ?
posted on: 06-01-13 @ 11:08 PM

You weren't there for the club, Henry? Courva.
posted on: 06-02-13 @ 1:12 AM