First, Second, Third!

on 06.02.2013

So first off, reposts happen. Sorry about that. Secondly, some of y'all cry like hoes. Thirdly, do y'all have any new material? Other than we all fuck each other here at Crazyshit? That shit was funny like, 10 years ago...maybe? I mean c'mon, there has to be a bit more creativity out there than that. Then again, the people that cry like lil hoes are generally the ones that have nothing clever to say anyways. Bring some witty remarks to the table. If they're funny, I'll give ya credit, even if it's about me. Fuck, I don't care, let's all have some good laughs! Vulture, I didn't even bring any shirts bro, if I would've, I'd've gotten one to ya bro. Real talk, SON! Haha! I hate mother-fuckers who say that shit! Anyways, hope all you degenerate cretins had a good weekend. Seriously! Well, some of y'all can go to hell! Love always, --Henry M.

Henry M., henrym@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
don’t be a pussy cat Henry, you are working for this site and get paid for the shit, it’s your job to come up with creative material ! ..... many people around here are hilarious.
posted on: 06-02-13 @ 7:18 AM

Ok, here is something new : You all fuck each other at the park
posted on: 06-02-13 @ 8:55 AM

I think you guys should pad your income by opening a used car lot and give legal advice over the phone.
posted on: 06-02-13 @ 11:05 AM

Shut your dumbass up... BTW azzholee can fellate me!
posted on: 06-02-13 @ 2:25 PM

Define "irony". A crybaby bitch complaining about non-original comments while reposting the same shit, sometimes three times in one week. Seriously, what are we supposed to do, be cheery and happy about it? Not complain? I’d rather have less posts that the same one re-hashed in less than 24 hours. Heck, I’d even be fine with a repost every couple months, but the next-day reposts are getting out of hand. You guys have done it a dozen times in the last 6 months. YOu are getting paid to do your job, it’s not charity work. Start acting like you earn and deserve your wage.
posted on: 06-02-13 @ 2:28 PM

if it wern’t for the crack hoe’s that suck your dick under the desk as a perk from jay, i’m sure you red neck pickle park cock suckers would never get herpes or any work done for that matter. and by the way becareful with the red headed crack hoe, she’s adams sister and she is on salary, so don’t over work her jaw. which leads me to another point, with such great perks, why the fuck don’t you guys work for a change and stop reposting shit so much?
posted on: 06-02-13 @ 3:22 PM

and by the way ya lazy well armed redneck puppy fucking goat blower, where the hells todays porn links?
posted on: 06-02-13 @ 3:30 PM

goddamn this again your asking these witless wonders to take their head out of their ass and think how do you think it got up there in the first place no henry they have a better shot at growing a bigger dick than all of sudden having wit FACT
posted on: 06-02-13 @ 3:37 PM

i’ll believe you Henry thousands would’nt...next time plan your down time better
posted on: 06-02-13 @ 4:13 PM

i dont give a flying fuck what you do Mr H but am glad your back home safe and sound, i cant afford to loose one of you fuckers. . my sanity depends on you guys. .. and the guys and gals that post here make me want to kill them instead of my family and imaginary friends.
posted on: 06-02-13 @ 5:34 PM

Repost shouldn't happen you fucking retard. Unless u r a retard. 5 minutes is all it takes, if that long, to see if it is a repost. You r too lazy to look u dumb fuck......... We can't use the same jokes that have been used for years, BUT you can use the same material that was used ONE week before?? I say fire his ass and hire a MExican, we can do Henry's job better. Without complaining like a lil bitch. Shittttttt, I'll do it from Houston.
posted on: 06-02-13 @ 7:06 PM

^^hey, another MEX-of-kin on this site. hey, brother. i love being beautiful, brown and hated on. its the only life for me. HD4LYFE!!! SWA6!
posted on: 06-02-13 @ 8:13 PM

Henry you fucking douche. Crying about crybabies and hoes. You have never posted anything even remotely funny you fucking slut stain. Go back to the UK where you fucking belong you over sensitive little heroin baby. Why the fuck are you even working on this site if you openly wear your pussy on your sleeve? Would you be so kind as to put Adams dick back in your mouth and shut the fuck up. The only thing that sucks worse than your reposts is I want my mommy cause you guys hurt my feelings little bitch rants. I for one pay good money for my free membershit but I will cancel on your bitch ass as fast as I nut on your mothers throat after dick stamping her forehead if you ever let another hooker moan like that come out of your fat fucking chicken wing eating cavity cave again. Man up you little bitch.
posted on: 06-02-13 @ 10:31 PM

If ya did ya job, no one would complain. I’ve sent in tons of holiday themed topless & nudes, only to see reposts & dicks.
posted on: 06-02-13 @ 10:51 PM

As long as we are talking about stuff that was funny 10 years ago, Is there anyway Crazyshit can re-hire Greg? I guess it is too hard to hire a guy that is both funny and can do his job.
posted on: 06-03-13 @ 1:10 AM

I agree with most of these people. re-posting (especially that bad) shows you don’t give a rats ass about the sites fan-base. I mean don’t you even take a glance look in the the past week of posts?
posted on: 06-03-13 @ 11:46 AM