Big Day Last Thursday

on 06.08.2013

I thought I would share one our biggest days in terms of people coming to the website on Thursday. We had 114,000 people show up at the crazyshit.com doorstepto be greeted by gross, sexy and funny shit. Maybe even a tranny or two. Just off the top of my head that is close the biggest day we have ever had. Now if we could only get like 4% of those people to interact with the site, we would have one hell of a community here. If you are new, join up and leave a comment. We are a weird bunch, but really, all harmless knuckleheads. --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
It took me about 5 years or more before I signed up!!! Wtf was I thinkin?!?!
posted on: 06-08-13 @ 2:37 PM

Jay D.
Did you not just want to sign up, or never thought about it?
posted on: 06-08-13 @ 2:53 PM

You’re welcome
posted on: 06-08-13 @ 2:59 PM

They all came to see the great biggertalk, you can thank me for this...
posted on: 06-08-13 @ 3:03 PM

Jay I just never got around to it. I visit the site everyday when you update at 1:oclock since I was about 17. Good shit!!
posted on: 06-08-13 @ 3:27 PM

yeah, right and i first came here in 1994, just never signed up.And nobody knows this site like i do, mkay? I even had crazyshit when it was still on vinyl. And i live right around the corner from Jay`s , just sayin...
posted on: 06-08-13 @ 3:47 PM

i was hovering on the edge for 6months before i joined this weired outfit
posted on: 06-08-13 @ 3:50 PM

you don’t pay any mind to the ones that already do!
posted on: 06-08-13 @ 4:02 PM

I signed up within a week because I seen a gang of shit talking and thought this looks like fun. 2 nuggets up crazyshit!
posted on: 06-08-13 @ 4:48 PM

i would like to thank my fan base which is in the thousands for coming to crazyshit and buying porn from the sponsers! and i’d also like to thank the countless fans for laughing at all the stupid shit we say here and in the peanut gallery, thank you bitches!!!
posted on: 06-08-13 @ 5:20 PM

I’ve been looking at the site since ’05 but didn’t join until 2011 because I was underage and didn’t want to be associated with a bunch of racist rebel flag waving assholes.
posted on: 06-08-13 @ 5:34 PM

^Well, we’re glad you’ve decided to join us here on the dark side.
posted on: 06-08-13 @ 9:07 PM

Yes! Bring some new faces in so we can replace some "Not so desirable" ones. :-D
posted on: 06-08-13 @ 10:22 PM

Jay, post all the Cs you want but keep the trannies for your self.
posted on: 06-08-13 @ 10:41 PM

its adam that can’t get enough of the trannys. jay is a straight up booty lover!1 you should see a pic of his fine ass old lady!! wow he’s gotta be doing something right!!
posted on: 06-09-13 @ 12:40 PM

Jay D.
@matv, aww buddy, can we bro hug it out? @urapnes, think of it as not so much replace, just dilute them down.
posted on: 06-09-13 @ 2:21 PM

I recommend this site to all my friends... But there not man enough for what's on here;-/ funny how my platoon buds are grossed out by a few heads being chopped off, yet when we went over seas it didn't faze them... Pussies!
posted on: 06-14-13 @ 6:35 PM