Buzz Lightyear Poo Poo

on 06.09.2013

Today my son told me he had a Buzz Lightyear poo poo in his pants. It didn't really register for a few seconds, and then it hit me like a ton of bricks how fucking funny that was. I guess in a 2 year old's mind, a Buzz Lightyear poo poo is one big fucking turd, because when I changed his diaper, that turd was fucking massive. Grown man style or as my son said, Buzz Lightyear poo poo. Besides a monster dookie, he loves to point out when someone farts, which is funny as hell. Especially if Mommy farts. He'll just yell it out, Mommy farted and then start laughing. Ahh that's my boy! --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
I bet he isn`t too lazy to do the top ten week in crazyshit.
posted on: 06-09-13 @ 3:42 PM

I wanna thank you Jay for not reposting shit this weekend. Was’nt hard huh Jay??? Bring in Lil Jay to help you.......he won’t repost either.
posted on: 06-09-13 @ 3:45 PM

I dont mean to get in ur ass bout this but, isn't he a little old to be wearing a diaper?
posted on: 06-09-13 @ 4:22 PM

Should’ve donated the feces to an asian restaurant.
posted on: 06-09-13 @ 4:52 PM

Cory H.
I agree with Sparkles. At two, ya just let ’em shit in the floor and leave the front door wide open all day and night.
posted on: 06-09-13 @ 5:05 PM

Jay D.
@sparkles, we have been trying to get him off diapers for about 10 months now. His three year birthday is still a month and a half away. I’m not sure I want to agree with Cory’s method. Shit in grout is hard to clean.
posted on: 06-09-13 @ 6:28 PM

everytime he shits in his diaper make him hold the shitty diaper and tell him only babys shit their pants. big boys like daddy shit in the toilet and mommy gives daddy a treat. (asian mommys shit in daddys mouth. white mommys just give daddy chocolate bars)
posted on: 06-09-13 @ 9:06 PM

^^^^ Or a Blumpkin. I bet that’s Jay’s treat.
posted on: 06-10-13 @ 12:06 AM

Holy crap Jay’s little dude is almost 3? I’ve got to ease up on this pot. What else has happened in the past 3 years?
posted on: 06-10-13 @ 2:15 AM

User shit?
posted on: 06-10-13 @ 4:39 AM

@ potrostation....In the past 3 years nothing has happened. Same old shit......no ,really, Henry keeps reposting the same old shit every weekend.
posted on: 06-10-13 @ 11:42 AM