It Tingles

on 06.11.2013

I'm not real big on supplements, but when I'm training four or more hours a day, I like to have a recovery drink. I was exhausted after training last night and grabbed the only drink available and pounded that shit down. I didn't know or give a shit what it was. It was cold and it was liquid. That's all that mattered to me at that time. Not long after, I realized it had a bunch of beta-alanine in it, which happens to make my skin tingle like a mother fucker. It felt like I was getting poked all over my body by millions tiny needles. That is some bizarre feeling shit. You should try it. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Not everybody likes to be poked all over their body like you Gaydam.
posted on: 06-11-13 @ 1:28 PM

If you react like that to it or to small doses of Niacin eat 2 or 3 pieces of bread while you're drinking it. You're welcome!
posted on: 06-11-13 @ 2:05 PM

kinda sounds like acid but in your skin and not your brain.
posted on: 06-11-13 @ 2:14 PM

"it tingles" sounds like something a faggot would say after his partner pulls his dick out of his ass!
posted on: 06-11-13 @ 2:29 PM

Lay of the Meth
posted on: 06-11-13 @ 3:32 PM

Adam stick to the herbs not the spices made by grungy scientist in dilapidated countries.
posted on: 06-11-13 @ 6:00 PM

Must be training for another bukakke vid!
posted on: 06-11-13 @ 6:59 PM

Yeah you should just skip all that and go buy some ether
posted on: 06-12-13 @ 11:46 AM