Shifting Gears

on 06.17.2013

I've been car shopping for a while now and one thing that kind of surprised me is how few manual transmissions there are out there. I've been driving stick since I learned how to drive, and the way I see it, it's the only way to drive. You have way more control, you get better gas mileage, and you can always push start if necessary. The only real hindrance is trying to shift while getting road head, but if you're on the freeway then it's not an issue. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Before you pull the trigger on anything, give me a holler on what you should pay for it, I’m a dealer myself. Also if you let the dealer get your financing for you, make them show you the approval that was faxed to them from the bank. It will have your approval interest rate and those prick car dealers always bump it 1% to 3% to make extra money on your ass.
posted on: 06-17-13 @ 2:01 PM

IMPLYING Adam gets road head in the first place was the joke......
posted on: 06-17-13 @ 2:12 PM

yeah, Ford fucked up when they stopped offering the F150 and F250 in stick. Fucktards.
posted on: 06-17-13 @ 3:24 PM

ron’s wife gave me road head
posted on: 06-17-13 @ 4:57 PM

Me Too @biggertalk she said my shyt was ROCKIN!
posted on: 06-17-13 @ 6:35 PM

I don’t even remember how to drive and automatic.
posted on: 06-17-13 @ 7:21 PM

I am not sure if I am reading this right, but you like manual trannies? Do you like holding on to that shaft and moving it back and forth? If I didn’t know better, that sounds kinda gay.
posted on: 06-17-13 @ 9:47 PM

jokes on you guys biggertalk and johnhancock that was my mom and any dick is good when your 75 years old like her!!!
posted on: 06-17-13 @ 11:04 PM

I like both for different situations. On long trips I prefer autos, on around town running i like driving stick. Of course i have to stop red light racing people because after burning out my 2nd gear synchros for the second time im starting to lack funds for anything else. $1500 a pop for synchros sucks ass.
posted on: 06-17-13 @ 11:11 PM