Hoffa's Bones

on 06.18.2013

The FBI is trying to find Jimmy Hoffa's bones outside Detroit. Is this really the best way to spend tax payers' money? We all know he's dead, but does it matter where he's actually at? I guess, there are some people in law enforcement that need to know, and now they are digging up a field to find them. Besides, an informant that is 85 told them that it is 100% that Hoffa is buried in that field. But he said under cement in a barn. Where do you think Hoffa is buried? In Giant's Stadium? In that field? In the Everglades? --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
I have a book about the Richard the `Ice man ` Kuklinski,from memory i think he reckoned he killed Hoffa with an ice pick from behind and he was then shipped off to Japan in a crushed car to be smelted down.
posted on: 06-18-13 @ 2:25 PM

i livge 100 miles from that field. and in my opinion hoffa was grpound up and scattered like chum in lake huron a very long time ago.
posted on: 06-18-13 @ 2:34 PM

dats gangsta
posted on: 06-18-13 @ 2:35 PM

Buried, he ain’t buried, he’s on the same island as Elvis and JFK!
posted on: 06-18-13 @ 2:55 PM

Not in my yard. That’s strictly 13-14 year olds ONLY
posted on: 06-18-13 @ 3:02 PM

Great, they're going to dig him out of one hole just to put him in another one.
posted on: 06-18-13 @ 3:25 PM

no mar, he said in an interview that he didn’t know anything about that. might be lying though.
posted on: 06-18-13 @ 3:56 PM

posted on: 06-18-13 @ 4:15 PM

@tgarner: Don’t forget Marilyn Monroe and DB Cooper. lol
posted on: 06-18-13 @ 7:48 PM

Hoffa is buried in my back yard between two of my beloved dogs.
posted on: 06-18-13 @ 8:14 PM

Who the fuck is Jimmy Hoffa?? Google it is....
posted on: 06-19-13 @ 4:23 AM

I herd a guy talking once who claimed to be working in a scrapyard. He said Jimmy boy was in the trunk of a car brought in to be immediately crushed and smelted and it was. Sounds plausible to me.
posted on: 06-19-13 @ 6:34 AM

No remains were found in the field, i reckon siko666 and possibly the book i mentioned have the right answer.
posted on: 06-19-13 @ 12:12 PM