A Place For Lovers

on 06.19.2013

Crazyshit is not just a place for perverted middle-aged single guys who like to jerk off all day and call everyone fags. Crazyshit is not just a place for creepy guys in Europe who like to dress up as ugly chicks and shove large objects up their ass. Crazyshit is a place for lovers too. That's right, Crazyshit is a place for man and woman to enjoy looking at dead people and Asians shitting on each other. It's somewhere they can share their love of all kinds of porn, like fat chicks fucking midgets or white chicks sucking big black dongs. So grab your loved one, hold them tight, and enjoy all that is Crazyshit. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Seriously, do you expect a bitch who loves twilight and all that romantic bullshit to enjoy this site?
posted on: 06-19-13 @ 2:25 PM

The only chic I dated that LOVED this site was a stripper
posted on: 06-19-13 @ 2:59 PM

looks like cater for every body except poor old 2inda...shame on you
posted on: 06-19-13 @ 3:10 PM

You know your audience.
posted on: 06-19-13 @ 4:00 PM

Fuck that.
posted on: 06-19-13 @ 4:02 PM

Well im middle aged. Ok I lied! Im past middle age! N im female! N I like twilight! (Fuck you shadowarior)! N I've never been a stripper! N yes I have a very sick, twisted mind! And yes im single by choice! Cuz ALL MEN SUCK SHIT!!! cept for the crazyshit staff! So there! Bite me!!!
posted on: 06-19-13 @ 4:35 PM

that hurts sparkles. i spend 30 minutes a day beating my meat like it owes me money just thinking about what you look like naked with chocolate sauce on your tits and whip cream on your twat. now im gonna hafta go back to abuseing the primate while thoinking about pinkdildo. sniff sniff, whaaaaaaaaaw
posted on: 06-19-13 @ 4:44 PM

My wife thinks we're all fucked in the head.
posted on: 06-19-13 @ 6:43 PM

If my GF knew the shit I do on here i’d be single. See, she has this thing called "Morals". What the fuck are those?...
posted on: 06-19-13 @ 10:46 PM

Don’t worry guy sparkles will change her mind tomorrow.
posted on: 06-20-13 @ 12:16 AM

Ok ron n whobe get a free pass! LOL!!! Its tomorrow n I still feel the same way! Bite me!
posted on: 06-20-13 @ 1:38 AM