Saturday! Yeaheeeyeah!

on 06.22.2013

I've got three days off....man I'm fuckin happy about that. I can just sit around and watch my cock get smaller. Nah, fuck that. I've got shit to do....if I feel like it. Anything going on for you wild-fuckers, this weekend? Any Crazyshit going on? Or is it just the same old bullshit? I've got a question for you guys, a buddy of mine who has a 92 Jeep Wrangler is having issues with it running right. Nearly every component has been changed under the hood. After sitting a while it'll start and run for a minute then sputter out and die like it ran out of fuel. After which it won't start up again for a while. It's getting fuel to the manifold and, obviously, spark but we are having a hard time nailing down the culprit. Could it be the fuel-pump check vavle? The ECM? Ballast resistor? Misaligned Rotor? Etc.... What do you car buffs out there think? Holla! Love always, --Henry M.

Henry M., henrym@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Sounds like a throttle position sensor. Go to a auto parts store and have them check it.
posted on: 06-22-13 @ 2:49 PM

he should have bought a Range Rover
posted on: 06-22-13 @ 2:54 PM

The turning right issue would have something to do with the CV Axel. Probably a damaged boot with dirt inside. The fuel could be engine sludge if you haven't checked.
posted on: 06-22-13 @ 3:05 PM

the boot is ripped on the front right cv and the joint is dried out. and my money is on either a throattle positioning sensor or cam sensor or possibly the fuel pump is tryin to shit out on ya.
posted on: 06-22-13 @ 3:13 PM

Well; my personal opinion is that it could be **************. Then you **************** and once thats done replace the ************ and you’ll be good to go. Stars will be replaced with answers for a one time Membershit fee to me in the amount of $60.
posted on: 06-22-13 @ 3:21 PM

I had a dodge truck that did that once and turned out the fuel filter was clogged up. Put a new fuel filter on and it was good to go!!
posted on: 06-22-13 @ 3:25 PM

http;//www,cherokeeforum,com/f2/jeep-starts-then-d ies-im-stumped-need-help-37315|. There’s an interesting tool called "The Internet" Fucking use it.
posted on: 06-22-13 @ 3:28 PM

It's the shitty new ethanol fuel it fucks up everything fact!
posted on: 06-22-13 @ 3:36 PM

henry take your dick outta the tail pipe should run fine then.
posted on: 06-22-13 @ 3:41 PM

Its your turn signal blinker fluid. Top it off youare good to go
posted on: 06-22-13 @ 4:43 PM

It’s a fucking Chrysler. It’s running fine.
posted on: 06-22-13 @ 4:59 PM

You need a louder sound system. It will drown that annoying engine sound right out.
posted on: 06-22-13 @ 5:11 PM

Fuel pump issue or possible injector blockage. I would start with the fuel pump its easier to replace and cheaper than the fi system.
posted on: 06-22-13 @ 5:21 PM

Everyday is Saturday in Biggertalkland.
posted on: 06-22-13 @ 7:06 PM

Jay your so hot I live in Austin Texas come see me ;)
posted on: 06-22-13 @ 9:46 PM

im thinkin u should just get 5 gallons of gas pour it all over the interior and fuckin light it up -----jeeps done--piece of shit---yall will enjoy the flames---u never gonna b able to fix it
posted on: 06-22-13 @ 10:13 PM

fuel filter.
posted on: 06-22-13 @ 11:00 PM