Fuck Her Stupid

on 06.26.2013

You ever rail a girl to the point she can't move or even form a complete sentence? All she can do is lie there, curled up in a ball, staring off into space and twitching. What a great feeling of accomplishment. I guess the only real downfall is you have to make your own sandwich if you want to refuel after all that hard work. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
and have you ever notice all the time you are giving them the shaging of a lifetime they got their eyes closed...this is cause they dont like to see you having a great time
posted on: 06-26-13 @ 3:08 PM

OMG ^^^VULTURE^^^ I’m pretty sure that’s not why shes closing her eyes LMAOO!! - Sorry to break it to you bro
posted on: 06-26-13 @ 3:23 PM

The first time I did that for a bitch - I thought she was having a seizure....
posted on: 06-26-13 @ 3:24 PM

posted on: 06-26-13 @ 3:40 PM

@JH...mmmmmm eeerrrrrr what your trying to say :-S
posted on: 06-26-13 @ 4:34 PM

Lol Adam, I read your post and picked up the phone to remind my girl about that exact scenario..... Fan-Fukn-tastic!!
posted on: 06-26-13 @ 5:14 PM

when i was younger i was banging this chick for about an hour straight, i blew a nut and kept on going half way thru it. then after i came the 2nd time and she had had no less than3 real good orgasms. i acted embarrassed and apologised for 5 minutes about how sorry i was for cuming so soon! fact is it i normally last about 20 minutes or so. but she was so smokin hot i figured if i lied and acted like that she would stay around! long story short, the bitch gave me crabs and i had one helluva time dumping her she begged me to stay with her. we only had sex that one time!!!
posted on: 06-26-13 @ 7:15 PM

^nice... my wife squirts all over the place when i pound the fuck out of her
posted on: 06-26-13 @ 8:44 PM

posted on: 06-26-13 @ 9:06 PM

have her make a sammich ahead of time
posted on: 06-26-13 @ 10:18 PM

yeahhhh.... my man does me like that all of the time... to the point that I giggle and grab the covers with a satisfied school girl smile..... good times!! B-)
posted on: 06-26-13 @ 10:23 PM