Don't Fly Spirit

on 06.27.2013

Have you ever flown on Spirit Airlines? If not, let me offer you some advice. Don't fucking do it. It is by far the biggest piece of shit airline you could choose to fly. You see their price online and think it's a great deal. Then you show up to the counter and they charge you for all kinds of shit you would never think of. You ain't getting that carry-on for free. My friend's teenager got charged an extra $75 or $100 each way because she wasn't flying with an adult. They even charge you for a fucking bottle of water on the plane. I'm surprised they don't have a slot for dollar bills on the bathroom door. Then they cramp you in to the smallest space possible to the point you can't even lean your seat back. On top of that, all their staff has a shitty fucking attitude, which I can't really blame them for because they work for a shitty fucking company. In summary, Spirit Airlines is a piece of fucking shit and you don't want to piss all your money away to those fuckholes. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
I’m now looking for some flights to head out to Seattle... Last trip I promised myself not to ride coach on a shitty airline... I need some fucking first class shyt.... does anyone know how long a direct flight should take from Fort Lauderdale to Seatlle?
posted on: 06-27-13 @ 2:05 PM

U mad bro?
posted on: 06-27-13 @ 2:25 PM

the only spirit i fly with is malt whiskey, from scotland of course
posted on: 06-27-13 @ 2:26 PM

posted on: 06-27-13 @ 3:15 PM

don’t sugar coat it adam really, just tell us what your trying to say dude.
posted on: 06-27-13 @ 6:12 PM

Sounds exactly the same as Easyjet and Ryanair over here Adam.
posted on: 06-28-13 @ 2:42 AM

^^^you mean sleazyjet
posted on: 06-29-13 @ 11:47 AM