on 06.30.2013

Four days off! Fuck yeah! I'm going to sit around and watch my cock grow for a solid four days....pun intended. You turds got anything special going on? I've got my sister and niece in town for a few, I've got my shit-machines her for the summer...I reckon it's water-park time and maybe some paint-balling. Yeah, that sounds about right. Anything special on your list of shit to do during the summer? Besides burning the wife's feet and punching her in the top of the head? Let a mother-fucker know! Hoes! Love always, --Henry M.

Henry M.,
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
you’re a nut
posted on: 06-30-13 @ 5:02 PM

Poor bastard H. Couldn’t have happened to a better guy. lol
posted on: 06-30-13 @ 5:51 PM

This summer I’ll be sitting around the house waiting for calls from the oncologist while my hair falls out. PARTYYYYY
posted on: 06-30-13 @ 7:47 PM

gonna be trapped in my house like a prisoner since my fucking retard cart(aka mobility scooter) blew its fucking motor!! my plans are fucked until i come up with another $1000 to buy a new motor! so ya i’m gonna be fuckin the old lady and kicking the dog alot for the next month. FML! anyone got a snowmobile engine they wanna sell?
posted on: 06-30-13 @ 8:02 PM

^^^ I have 2 unused Hover rounds i stole from 2 dead old people at a nursing home sitting in my shed. ones brand new with dead batteries, the other works but is beat to shit from the old dimensia patient that used it.
posted on: 06-30-13 @ 10:53 PM

yeah, i got a nephew. he’s half argentinian (italian- 90% of the population of argentina is european), and that fucker has blond hair. white as the rest of you’s. i look at that fucker, trip out, and then he reaches for me and smiles, and i melt. all the demons die in the face of a baby. H-DIZZLE!
posted on: 07-01-13 @ 3:13 AM

lots of hobgoblin ale
posted on: 07-01-13 @ 6:47 PM