on 07.07.2013

So, who here watched the fights last night? I didn't, but I, obviously, got the highlight of Anderson Silva getting knocked the fuck out. I figured his tactics would end up getting him knocked-out. But, whatever, I really don't give a fuck. Now on to things that matter. It's been rather nice seeing some User-Boobs pooping up here and there. Ladies, bust em out, tag em up and send em in! We want to see your tits, ass...and well...the whole package if you must! The midst of summer is among us, beach bodies are at their prime...let's get some exhibitionist User-Boobs! Who's up for the challenge? Let's see em! Love always, --Henry M.

Henry M., henrym@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
I try to only watch sports I can still play. This seams like a painful way to die.
posted on: 07-07-13 @ 4:04 PM

Show-boating gets you knocked out. Wish that would of happened to that fucker Sugar Ray! Just my opinion. It was good to see someone with class win!
posted on: 07-07-13 @ 4:25 PM

Yeah, I seen the spider get smashed! And all his dick ridin fans say it was setup! I was a title fight, n disrepecting the number one contender w showing off! He deserved to be ktfo!
posted on: 07-07-13 @ 4:55 PM

Naw homie I don’t watch men pin each other on the floor in shitty UFC.
posted on: 07-07-13 @ 5:09 PM

you must like that fag football with the round football right smallerdick?
posted on: 07-08-13 @ 1:04 AM

Who let you out of your cage again, suckinron?
posted on: 07-08-13 @ 3:13 AM